The Mandalorian’s New TV Spot Confirms Star Wars Fan Theory

People are incredibly excited about the upcoming Disney Plus Star Wars TV series, The Mandalorian and a new TV spot has seemingly confirmed a popular fan theory.

There’s been a lot of chatter on the Internet about The Mandalorian’s armour in this new series, and many people believe we’re going to get to see him upgrade it throughout the course of the first season.

Well, a new TV spot was just released and it seems to have confirmed that popular fan theory.

In the TV spot, you can see another Mandalorian working on what seems to be some sort of armour by banging on it with a mallet or hammer.

It seems logical to assume that this is a scene in the upcoming Disney Plus show where Pedro Pascal’s Mandalorian has to fix up his armour and goes to a specialist to help him do the job.

It almost feels as though this part of the series has come straight from a video game, and I really like that fact.

The Mandalorian’s fan theory has been confirmed

What's The Mandalorian's UK release date?

What’s The Mandalorian’s UK release date? (Credit: Lucasfilm)

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I love the idea of The Mandalorian having to upgrade his armour as the series goes along, and adapt to whatever job he’s accepted. It’s a great fan theory.

It’ll give the show just another edge, and it already seems as though this show is going to be the television event of the year.

Unfortunately, all of us in the UK are going to have to wait until March 31st to watch The Mandalorian as that’s when Disney Plus will be made available in this and many other European countries.

It seemingly has something to do with contracts between Disney and Sky, and they have to wait for them to run out so that they have the streaming rights to their properties back again.

They didn’t make those deals in the US, Canada, Australia, The Netherlands and New Zealand which is why Disney Plus is coming to those territories first.

What do you make of this new TV spot for The Mandalorian and the seemingly confirmed fan theory? Let us know in the comments below.

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