The Mandalorian’s UK Release Date Has Finally Been Revealed

We’ve been waiting for what seems like a lifetime to know The Mandalorian’s UK release date, and we finally have one.

It was revealed by Disney via their social media accounts, that Disney Plus will be available in the UK on the 31st March, which is slightly later than I thought it would be.

They posted a video which showcases many of the biggest titles which will be available on the streaming platform on the day of release, including the upcoming Star Wars series that so many of us are desperate to watch, The Mandalorian.

With UK audiences only being able to watch The Mandalorian months after our American, Australian and New Zealand cousins, I wouldn’t be surprised if many Star Wars find more illicit methods to watch the show before Disney Plus is made available to UK audiences.

A UK release date for The Mandalorian was teased a few months back when Star Wars UK’s Twitter account revealed that The Mandalorian would be coming to the UK early 2020.

March 31st is the literal borderline of being ‘early 2020’. Personally, I would class the date as being closer to mid-2020.

The Mandalorian’s UK release date has been revealed… finally…

The Mandalorian's UK release date has been revealed!

The Mandalorian’s UK release date has been revealed! (Credit: Lucasfilm)

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Anyway, it’s good news that we finally know when The Mandalorian and Disney Plus will be coming to the UK.

I wrote previously about how the reason why there’s a delay in Disney Plus coming to the UK was down to Disney’s contractual obligations to Sky over here.

There would have been some sort of legal stuff Sky and Disney would have needed to sort out because many of Disney’s films are available to stream exclusively on Now TV and there’s a dedicated Sky TV channel – called Sky Disney – which shows nothing but Disney movies.

So the lawyers would have had to sort everything out before they could finalise a released date for Disney Plus in the UK.

This means that if you’re going to blame anyone for this delay in Disney Plus and The Mandalorian reaching our shores, blame Sky, and blame Rupert Murdoch…

That’s my rant over. I’m just excited to watch The Mandalorian, but also incredibly jealous that I might have to watch it after everyone in the US who’ll be able to start watching the series from November 12th, and new episodes will be made available weekly from that point on.

Will The Mandalorian fall victim to being illegally downloaded?

We now know when we'll be able to watch The Mandalorian here in the UK

We now know when we’ll be able to watch The Mandalorian here in the UK (Credit: Lucasfilm)

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It’s not sure whether they’ll do something similar over here in the UK or whether they’ll just release the whole season on one go.

I expect it’ll be the latter because Disney’s already made us wait long enough to get to watch The Mandalorian.

the least they could do is let us binge-watch the series all in one sitting, which even if I have watched it before, I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching it all over again.

It remains to be seen whether The Mandalorian becomes one of – if not the most illegally downloaded series of 2019.

That said, it’ll have stiff competition from the likes of Game of Thrones and Watchmen since it seems as though HBO shows do fall victim to being illegally downloaded in great numbers.

Are you excited to watch the new Star Wars Disney Plus series, The Mandalorian? Let us know in the comments below.

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