The Influence Of New Shows On Sexual Relations


In today’s cities, people are constantly surrounded by stimuli. Wherever you go and wherever you look, in advertisements, video games, fashion, series, films and a long etcetera. Everything has been created with an image of how it should be.

What is happening? Sometimes there are so many of these stimuli and they are received from such an early age that they end up producing an extreme normalisation.

They generally show the image of an ideal woman, as if all women should look as hot as the professional call girls and escorts in Birmingham. That is to say, slim and slender, which currently represents the ideal of beauty. While, on the male side, they show a masculine, strong, brave and attractive man. On many occasions they add a touch of bad boy or dark past, making many women’s fantasies and desires come true.

Until a few decades ago, sexuality was a personal discovery, a process by which each person experienced new sensations. Now, it is totally automated and everyone has access to an infinite amount of information and audiovisual material on the subject.

How can new shows affect our sexual relations?


Credit: Netflix

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A clear example is how viral 50 Shades of Grey has become. Thousands of people have read the books and, even more, have seen the movies; is it because it is an excuse to unleash hidden desires, or because the ideal of a man who is a fuckboy is morbid? Does it motivate women to become or imitate the real independent call girls in India, or is it the desire to inflict pain, or is it the desire for the forbidden and different? Success, money, luxury… in the story, everything goes with it.

Other TV shows that have drawn attention to this issue are Sex and the City and, more recently, Sex Education. As well as showing scenes and relationships, the characters talk about it and discuss it, which gives rise to powerful conversations among viewers.

But these are not the only ones that show sex scenes. Some are more explicit than others, but nowadays it occurs in most shows and films. Even the protagonists sometimes are or have been beautiful escort girls. And now sex has become more important in all its types and forms. But to what extent is it good, and what are the consequences?

It conveys an image of love, couples and relationships, which can give rise to much debate. It is impossible for everyone to think alike and agree. It seems that romantic love and chastity are going out of fashion. Giving way to an era where it is normal to end up in bed on the first date. A sexual liberalisation in which the awakening is becoming earlier and earlier.

Nowadays it is very easy to get sex when you want it. But what kind of relationships do people have? People take references from everything they see and hear. For example from celebrities and fictional characters they idolise. That is why many try to imitate them.

Each person is as they are and live their tastes, fantasies and fetishes in their own way. What one person likes, another may not. Just like relationships, they don’t all work the same. If only there was a secret formula for love to be happy. But since it is not yet known, what experts recommend is to experiment and get to know each other better to see what each person really likes. Either alone or accompanied by one of the beautiful private escorts from Australia. And from there you can enjoy it and give free rein to it.

Are we watching too many shows about sex?


Credit: Netflix

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Fiction does not have to influence one’s expectations and image of sex. Nor should we pretend that no one else is like that character who is considered so attractive. Because, in the end, all these stories are fantasies, illusions… The reflection of everything that people wish would happen in real life but never does. 

The construction of that ideal life is full of fun, pleasure, tranquillity, passion, desire and success. Where it is already known that there will be a happy ending for everyone, it is not necessarily real. So you have to know how to distinguish it and discover your own sexual identity. All your own fantasies and desires that you want to satisfy. This way, you can let yourself go and develop who you are, but above all, you can enjoy it. In this way, each person can write their own script for a film or series with the scenes they prefer and be the protagonist.


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