The Grand Tour Next Special ‘Sand Job’ Trailer Released


The Grand Tour is coming back for a new special! Buckle up, petrolheads and adventure enthusiasts, because the trio we’ve all been eagerly waiting for—Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May—are at it again. In what promises to be a riotous blend of dust, drama, and daredevilry, The Grand Tour has just dropped the trailer for its next special, Sand Job, on Prime Video, sending fans into a frenzy of anticipation.

The trailer, a masterclass in teasing the chaos and camaraderie that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are renowned for, hints at an escapade that’s as much about the journey as it is about the destination. Set against the backdrop of stunning, yet treacherous, sandy landscapes, “Sand Job” is poised to be a whirlwind of comedic mishaps, automotive wizardry, and, of course, the inevitable bickering that has endeared the show to millions worldwide.

A Desert Odyssey Like No Other

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Automotive Antics on a New Scale

Sand Job sees the intrepid trio embarking on a daring journey across vast deserts, pushing their vehicles—and patience—to the limit. The trailer gives us a glimpse of the custom rigs and unlikely desert chariots chosen for this sandy sojourn, promising a spectacle of mechanical mayhem.

The newest special showcases the trio navigating Northwest Africa in an eclectic mix of vehicles: an Aston Martin DB9, a Jaguar F-Type, and a Maserati GranTurismo. The adventure also features an impressively long train, a van that seems to defy gravity by floating, two vehicles ingeniously converted into boats, a pair of snow machines, and scenes of the three hosts joyriding their cars on the beach amidst a series of hijinks. The special packs in all the elements one might anticipate from a “Grand Tour” episode, though it stops short of revealing a compelling hook to draw viewers in.

Comradeship Amidst the Dunes

At the heart of The Grand Tour specials lies the unshakeable, if often tested, friendship between Clarkson, Hammond, and May. Sand Job appears to elevate their camaraderie to new heights, or, more accurately, new depths, as they navigate through physical and metaphorical storms.

Laughter, Lunacy, and Landscapes


Credit: Prime Video

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The Spectacle of the Sahara

The beauty of The Grand Tour specials lies not just in the banter and the breakdowns, but also in the breathtaking vistas that serve as the backdrop to the trio’s antics. Sand Job promises an awe-inspiring look at the desert’s vastness, captured with the cinematic brilliance fans have come to expect from the show.

Escapades and Escapisms

In a world that’s been all too serious of late, Sand Job offers a much-needed escape. The trailer teases challenges and chases that blend the thrill of adventure with the comfort of humour, ensuring that viewers are in for an unforgettable ride.

Final Thoughts on The Grand Tour: Sand Job


Credit: Prime Video

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As the trailer for Sand Job makes its rounds, the buzz is undeniable. This latest special from The Grand Tour is not just a testament to the enduring appeal of Clarkson, Hammond, and May’s formula of cars, chaos, and companionship; it’s a beacon for those who love their entertainment served with a side of adrenaline and laughter.

With Sand Job, The Grand Tour reaffirms its place in the hearts of fans and the annals of automotive adventure. As we count down the days to its premiere on Prime Video, one thing is clear: the desert has never seen a storm quite like the one these three are set to unleash.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching The Grand Tour: Sand Job when it’s released on Prime Video on the 16th of February? We’d love to hear from you.

You’ll be able to stream The Grand Tour: Sand Job on Prime Video on February 16th.