The Grand Tour’s Next 4 Specials Will Still Be Released On Prime Video


Calling all The Grand Tour fans! It’s been revealed that Amazon Studios will not be renewing Jeremy Clarkson’s contract after 2024, which means that the popular car show is going to be coming to an end. This was met with a lot of anger from the fans of the series.

However, the reason why Amazon opted not to renew Clarkson’s contract, effectively cancelling two of Prime Video’s most popular shows: The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm. However, there is a small silver lining to this news.

Amazon revealed that they would be releasing all the seasons and episodes of both shows that were already in development. This means that the following four specials of the popular car show will all be released on the platform.

It also means that the next two seasons of Clarkson’s Farm will also be released on the streaming platform. However, after those seasons and specials are released, that will be it for both shows. There will be no more seasons of Clarkson’s Farm and no more The Grand Tour specials.

The Grand Tour will end after the next four specials are released


Credit: Prime Video

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This news was revealed in an exclusive article over on Variety. They revealed that Amazon Prime Video is parting ways with Jeremy Clarkson mere weeks after his comments about Meghan Markle were published in the British tabloid, The Sun.

According to their sources, Amazon will not be working with Clarkson beyond seasons of The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm that have already been commissioned. This means that the notorious will not be appearing in any new shows on Prime Video beyond 2024.

However, there is a pretty strong chance that the final Grand Tour special won’t be released on Prime Video until 2025. Amazon didn’t make a public statement about this news, and neither did Clarkson.

Jeremy has been pretty silent on the whole thing. However, he did issue a public apology to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for what he wrote in his column in The Sun.

What will the trio do next?


Credit: Prime Video

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One of the questions I had was, what will Clarkson do next? However, I’m also wondering about his colleagues on the popular car show: James May and Richard Hammond. Well, it seems as though May and Amazon will still be working together in the future.

It was announced last week that the third season of James May: Our Man In… series has been renewed, which is great news. In the first season, May travelled to Japan, and he went to Italy in the second season.

It was revealed in Deadline’s exclusive article on the news that May will be travelling to India in the third season, which sounds very intriguing indeed. As for Richard Hammond, he’s just started working on a new series. He revealed that he’s going to be making a show with Discovery+ about the restoration of old cars.

So, it sounds as though May and Hammond will be completely fine, but I’m sure they’ll be upset that their time working as a trio is going to be coming to an end. That said, another streaming platform could always swoop in and pick up the trio for another series.

However, I have a feeling that other streamers and networks might want to stay away from Clarkson for the time being. We’re just going to have to wait and see what ends up happening.

What do you make of this news? Are you sad to hear that The Grand Tour is going to come to an end after the upcoming four specials are released on Prime Video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. garrygivrontaylor

    Clarkson was using the “punishment” from Game of Thrones . No one complained about that transmission which was seem by how many million viewers ?
    A huge over reaction. Was it funny….. I thought so, in this land of free speech. Clarkson is an amazingly talented film maker. Sometimes he will go right to the edge. The media is now being controlled by the boring woke fascists. Monty Python could not be made today. Where’s there sense of humour?
    No Clarkson ?..I don’t need Prime.

  2. brain Scott

    well its all very well stopping jeramy clarkson but hes not the one slagging off the royal family and telling lies about them its Megan and harry that spreading the lies

  3. Matt Woodard

    I’ll be glad when all the wokies go broke and sane people are in control again. Canceling my Prime account which I have had since it’s inception. I have averaged spending over $4,000 a year with Amazon…no longer!

  4. Wizard

    Well all you petty minded people have got what you want, what about the millions of us who enjoy watching Clarkson etc! As for Amazon, thoroughly disgusted with your actions, again giving in to the moaners and whingers of this world. “Shame on you”….

  5. Anonymous

    Most people agree Megan is causing the trouble but Clarkson delivered it wrong

    Amazon will keep them and other companies will gladly take the 3 of them if not.

    People love watching the 3 of them

  6. david sculthorpe

    We have watched Clarkson for many years on different programs..He is funny, professional, out spoken but usually tells the truth about different things ..Why oh why is he being taken off some of the most popular programs in the world for making a bad remark for which the man is very very sorry.. Please give Jeremy another chance to make good and do NOT sack him as we like this man very much ..Thank you ….

  7. Tom Rickard

    Meghan, woeful actress (see interview with Harry & Oprah), manipulator (see Harry the knobhead puppet, formerly known as Prince) and head of the woke brigade has got her way. Clarkson says what the majority think (although he should have remembered how much power the woke bunch have these days and restrained the narrative). Let’s just hope for a heatwave, threatened to us by Thunberg because of climate change, that melts the snowflakes.

  8. Steve Holt

    I can’t believe that Amazon are ending their relationship with Jezzer because of comments he made about Meghan Merkle, he was only saying what a lot people thought and The Grand Tour was far more entertaining than Harry & Meghan will ever be, shame on you Amazon.

  9. Anonymous

    So really we are getting punished to lose the grand tour for Jeremy telling the truth? What happened to freedom of speech? Jeremy has brought you a lot more viewers I imagine, so not only are we going to lose grand tour and now clarksons farm? I wouldn’t of sacked Jeremy for saying that about the royal brats , I think I speak for us all bring them back!!

  10. Michele Dewana Armstrong

    My husband and I think Amazon Prime is giving in to the wrong people and it will bite them in the collective large Butt! Careful you don’t alienate your loyal customers in favor of “looking correct”. We will follow those 3 gentlemen! Idiots!!!

  11. cheesebro

    enough is enough,spoiling it for people that are not p.c and have an unbiased sense of humor,its our right to have a laugh but not take it too seriously .

    • Fantastic Fan

      1st- Jeremy did it to himself. Words do have consequences and at his late stage, he should have learned this before now.
      2nd- While I do love all his (and the trios) shows, neither Grand Tour or Clarkson Farm are the most popular shows ever to exist. Definitely not so popular as to allow questionable behavior to take place from its spokesperson.
      3rd- This has nothing to do about wokeness. Act like a gentleman! People who were brought up correctly know how to get a point across without being crass. Those are old school ideals (gentlemen behavior).

  12. Rpaulik

    Sounding more and more like I dont need prime. The GT was the best thing to hit the streaming platform and the reason I kept it for so long. Amazon screwed up. Who cares of someone’s feelings got hurt anyhow? Ever been to see any comedian? Apparently we care about feelings and political correctness over all else now.

  13. Richard

    I’m in America and absolutely love the trio. I can’t stand where this word is headed. When I was growing up people got offended and got over it. I will go wherever they go and I will be cancelling Amazon. I don’t like Jeff Bezos anyway.

  14. Private

    I’ve already ended my Disney subscription in protest of the retarded woke fascists killing off every show that is entertaining to (real) men. I’m just waiting to catch the last Clarkson shows then will be immediately ending my Prime subscription for exactly the same reason.

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