The Flash Writer Admits To Not Understanding The Speed Force


One of the main writers of The Flash series on The CW has revealed that she still doesn’t understand what the Speed Force really is.

The Flash writer, Carina Adly MacKenzie revealed on Twitter in a since-deleted tweet that she still doesn’t know what the Speed Force is.

MacKenzie revealed:

This feels like the moment to finally confess that I once wrote a TV episode in which The Flash literally enters the Speed Force and I still don’t know what that means.

MacKenzie wrote an episode of The Flash Season 3 titled ‘The Once and Future Flash’ and it all had to do with the Speed Force.

I must say that it is a bit tricky and many comic book writers didn’t quite get it right over the years.

The Flash writer has revealed that she does not understand what the Speed Force really is


Credit: The CW

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Even though MacKenzie admitted to not understanding the Sped Force, her episode did a pretty good job of explaining it.

MacKenzie is better known as the creator of the hit TV series Roswell, New Mexico which is also on The CW.

This all comes after Zack Snyder’s Justice League ended up winning a ‘Fan Favourite’ award at the Oscars.

Specifically, the movie ended up winning the ‘Most Cheer-Worthy Moment’ award and the moment in question was the scene in which Ezra Miller’s version of the Flash entered the Speed Force.

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