The Flash Season 6 Will Feature The Return of Godspeed As The Main Villain

WARNING: There are potential SPOILERS for The Flash Season 6 in this article

So, before I continue, I must warn you that there are spoilers in this article one last time.

That’s your final warning. You’re not getting any more!

Some new set photos from The Flash Season 6 courtesy of Canadagraphs have emerged online and they reveal the return of Godspeed.

In the comics, Godspeed’s real name is August Heart but they’ve been taking a slightly different direction in The CW show.

He still has the iconic white and gold Godspeed design, yet there’s been some strange stuff going on in the show with this character.

He first turned up in The Flash Season 5 and was played by Kindall Charter and voiced by B.D. Wong.

In the show, he is portrayed as the first supervillain that Nora West-Allen faces in the year 2049.

Godspeed will return in The Flash Season 6

Godspeed The Flash Season 6 The CW

Godspeed in The Flash Season 5 – Credit: The CW

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This version of the character is an intern of Mercury Labs who gets his powers after replicating Zoom’s Velocity-9 drug, with his plan to create a new version that would make his powers permanent.

Nora eventually beats him and she throws him into prison.

However, The Flash Season 6’s premier reveals that Team Flash had captured a bunch of fake Godspeeds.

They were all speaking some strange language and they are now looking for the real Godspeed.

Seems as though they might find him in The Flash Season 6.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing more of Godspeed in The Flash Season 6?

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