The Flash And Legends Of Tomorrow Episodes Cancelled For The Next Two Weeks

It’s been revealed by The CW that the upcoming episodes of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow have been cancelled for the next two weeks.

This decision has been made after the recent Coronavirus pandemic which has spread across the globe.

The CW already had announced that they would be stopping production on all of their shows.

This includes The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

However, cancelling the shows for the next two weeks seems like a rather strange decision to take.

The next episode of Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 was supposed to air next Tuesday, March 24th.

However, according to CBR, this episode has now been removed from the schedule and replaced with a rerun of Legends of Tomorrow.

The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow’s episodes have been cancelled for two weeks


This was a cameo to remember – Credit: The CW

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The following episode of Legends of Tomorrow, Season 5 Episode 9, called The Great British Fake-Off, was going to be aired on March 31st.

However, the episode will now be replaced by another previous episode of the show.

As far as The Flash is concerned, the show was already set to skip a week next Tuesday.

This means that only one episode from The Flash Season 6 has been pushed back.

Season 6, Episode 16, called So Long and Goodnight, was initially set to air on March 31st.

The CW will be running yer another rerun instead.

What do you make of this news?

Are you upset to hear that no new episodes of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow will be shown for the next two weeks?

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