The Flash Director Making James Gunn’s Secret Justice League Film?

The Flash Director Making James Gunn’s Secret Justice League Film

It’s being reported that The Flash director Andrés Muschietti might get to helm James Gunn’s very secret Justice League movie. With the new DC slate initially presented last January 31st, co-CEOs Gunn and Peter Safran are likely hard at work in developing the multi-year plan for the DC mega-franchise.

The ten initial titles of Chapter One: Gods and Monsters list stories for a new Superman and Batman, a backstory for Wonder Woman, new Green Lantern characters, Supergirl and many others. The studio has started to lay out the beginnings of the new DCU.

Naturally, all of these titles will move forward to a unified narrative. It was unsurprising to learn that James Gunn’s secret Justice League movie is in the works, very early in the development that it did not even make it to the presentation that he made at the beginning of the year. Nevertheless, people assumed that Gunn and Safran had more up their sleeves than the titles they announced.

One can only imagine the expanse of stories at their perusal since they started their office in November 2022. David Zaslav was clear with the outcome he wanted from his new DC co-CEOs. He wants the DC movies, TV shows and video games to be interconnected and make a lot of money, just like the Marvel Cinematic Universe did, and continues to do.

While Marvel has been making highly profitable superhero movies and series for years, covering action, science fiction, fantasy, romance, comedy, and adventure, it has also covered thriller, horror and drama. However, after Phase 4, some people are seemingly getting a bit tired of the MCU and what it’s been offering lately. It’s been said that Phase 4 has been the weakest Phase from Marvel yet.

There is no stopping DC Studios from developing their own grand design.

The Flash Helm Andres Muschietti Could Direct James Gunn’s Justice League Movie

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In a recent episode of The Hot Mic with Jeff Sneider and John Rocha, Sneider talked about a theory that his source had developed. While he mentioned that the source did not hear something about it, he just stated that it is something the source is theorizing, given the current developments inside DC Studios. He disclosed:

Remember when James Gunn met with the press, he mentioned a secret project. No one knows what this project is. My source says it’s his theory is that the secret project is a Justice League project, based on The New Frontier. In which they face off against a giant island known as The Center which is a primordial entity trying to end all life on Earth.

Right now, only an ‘end of the world’ narrative will take equal footing for a Multiverse Saga phase from Marvel. The trope has been used one too many times, not just even for a Marvel franchise. The end-of-the-World prevention story arc is also in spy movies and even fantasy features. It’s one of the arcs that open doors to grand set pieces and numerous characters in the story.

While it will need a build-up, as with any franchise, James Gunn’s secret Justice League could be teased in two, maybe three years down the line. It may be mentioned at the upcoming SDCC, but it will likely have a later targeted date. Much like what Marvel did with the first announcement of the Fantastic Four movie. Sneider continued:

This source thinks… that James Gunn plans to introduce this concept in Lanterns and they think that Andy Muschietti could end up directing it. This is all just a theory. It was compelling nonetheless.

James Gunn May Be Preparing For Justice League With The Flash’s Andres Muschietti

The Flash Director Making James Gunn's Secret Justice League Film

Credit: DC Comics

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Though Marvel’s weakened Phase 4 may seem a favourable chance for DC Studios to take advantage of, Marvel has already kicked off its Phase 5 with pre-announced titles, and it seems as though the Multiverse Saga will end by Phase 6. With a set of problems of their own in their own backyard, Marvel is still within its new pace as Bob Iger directed the studio to focus on quality over quantity.

Could DC Studios actually catch up and take a share of the superhero market pie for itself? This year’s San Diego Comic-Con will be so exciting to see, given that there will be announcements from the two studios, and people will be able to compare neck-and-neck.

Also, Andy Muschietti’s The Flash, reportedly praised even by Tom Cruise himself, comes this summer. We’ll finally see how he could possibly bring superfriends together as well. James Gunn’s secret Justice League has a long way to go, as there are a number of projects in line for DC Studios already.

What do you make of Andy Muschietti, director of The Flash, getting to helm James Gunn’s secret Justice League movie as well? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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