The Flash Could Run For Several More Seasons

This hopefully won’t be a bolt from the blue for fans of The Flash, but according to the executive producer, the show could yet run for several more seasons.

During an interview with Deadline, Showrunner/Executive Producer Eric Wallace, who took over as the showrunner from Season 6, is hopeful that the show will go into unchartered territory for DC TV shows, as he is confident that the show will land a ninth season.

With the finale of Season 7, setting up for a potentially thrilling Season 8, Wallace believes that there is enough material there for the show’s writers to produce more episodes to take the show beyond its eighth season.

Lots Of Material For Future Seasons says The Flash’s EP

The Flash Renewed The CW

Credit: The CW

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Speaking to Deadline, Wallace has emphasized that the show’s writers are confident that they have more than enough stories to tell that could keep the show going for several more seasons:

I feel this show could run easily for at least several more seasons, and possibly beyond. Because I feel like every season, we, as a writing staff, have to decide between all the wonderful stories we want to tell, versus how many episodes we actually have to tell them.

However, while there may be plenty of material for the writers, the bolt that could stop a potential ninth season in its track is the willingness of Grant Gustin to carry on in the lead role.

To be honest with you…I don’t know. Let’s all find out together, but until I hear differently, everything’s fine. You know? I know that’s super vague, but it’s just the honest truth. Anything can happen in this world.

While it is all still up in the air, one thing we know for sure, is that Season 8 will kick off on November 12th on the CW network.

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