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The Devil’s Advocate 2 With Keanu Reeves In The Works


In a startling revelation, it has been announced that The Devil’s Advocate, the 1997 supernatural legal drama that captivated audiences with its devilish twists and turns, is set to receive a sequel. The original film, which starred Keanu Reeves as the morally conflicted lawyer Kevin Lomax and Al Pacino as his malevolent boss John Milton, was a financial success despite its mixed critical reception. Now, after more than two decades, the hellish courtroom is set to reconvene in The Devil’s Advocate 2.

The news (via Giant Freakin Robot) comes as a surprise to fans and critics alike, considering the original film’s age and the substantial time that has elapsed since its release. The announcement raises numerous questions and speculations about the direction of the sequel, the return of the original cast, and the potential for the film to explore new, contemporary themes within its sinister narrative.

A Hellish Return for Keanu Reeves


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Reprising the Role of Kevin Lomax

Keanu Reeves, renowned for his diverse filmography and recent successes in the John Wick series, is confirmed to be returning to his role as Kevin Lomax. The character, who was seduced by the dark and deceptive world of his employer in the original film, is set to navigate through new diabolical dilemmas in the sequel. Fans are eager to see how Reeves will portray Lomax after so many years and how the character has evolved since his last encounter with the devilish John Milton.

Potential Returns and New Faces

While Reeves’ participation has been confirmed, the involvement of other original cast members, such as Al Pacino and Charlize Theron, remains a topic of speculation. The return of Pacino, who masterfully portrayed the devil in disguise, would undoubtedly be a significant draw for audiences. Furthermore, the introduction of new characters and potentially exploring the aftermath of the original film’s hellish revelations could provide fresh and intriguing plot developments.

The Devil’s Advocate: A Look Back


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A Financial Success with a Mixed Reception

The Devil’s Advocate was met with a lukewarm critical response upon its release, yet it managed to secure a substantial box office success, grossing $153 million against a $57 million production budget. The film’s narrative, which intertwines legal drama with supernatural horror, provided a unique cinematic experience that has since garnered a cult following. The financial and cult success of the original film provides a fertile ground for the sequel to explore new infernal territories.

Previous Spin-off Attempts

It’s noteworthy that this is not the first attempt to expand upon The Devil’s Advocate universe. Previous endeavours to create spin-offs, including a prequel novel titled “Judgement Day” by Andrew Neiderman, and considerations for a television adaptation, have been made. However, none of these projects came to fruition, making The Devil’s Advocate 2 the first official continuation of the devilish saga.

The Resurgence of Horror in Hollywood


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A Profitable Genre for Studios

The decision to develop The Devil’s Advocate 2 aligns with the current trend in Hollywood, which sees studios increasingly leaning towards the horror genre. Horror films, often produced on modest budgets, have demonstrated a capacity for substantial financial returns, making them an appealing venture for studios. The recent success of films like “The Exorcist: Believer” underscores the genre’s potential and may have influenced the decision to revisit the hellish world of The Devil’s Advocate.

Exploring Contemporary Themes

The sequel presents an opportunity to explore contemporary themes through its supernatural and legal framework. Issues such as moral decay, corruption, and the pursuit of power, which were central to the original film, remain relevant today and could be explored in new and intriguing ways in The Devil’s Advocate 2. The film could delve into modern-day legal and ethical dilemmas, all while enveloped in the sinister supernatural ambiance that defined the original.

Final Thoughts on The Devil’s Advocate 2: A Hellish Encore


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The announcement of The Devil’s Advocate 2 has undoubtedly stirred excitement and curiosity among fans of the original film and the horror genre alike. With Keanu Reeves reprising his role, the sequel promises a return to the dark and morally complex world that captivated audiences in 1997. The film has the potential to not only nostalgically revisit the sinister realms of its predecessor but also to explore new, hellish horizons.

As we anticipate further details about the cast, plot, and production of The Devil’s Advocate 2, questions linger regarding its ability to recapture the eerie charm of the original while delivering fresh, contemporary horror. Only time will tell if the sequel will successfully resurrect the devilish allure that made the original a cult favourite, or if it will fall prey to the infernal pitfalls that sequels often encounter.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Keanu Reeves in The Devil’s Advocate 2?

You can purchase or rent The Devil’s Advocate on Prime Video right now.