The Batman’s Matt Reeves Addresses Possible Joker Crossover


The Batman writer and director, Matt Reeves, has opened up about whether his Batman movies will ever crossover with Todd Phillips’ Joker.

There have been many fans ever since Reeve’s DC Comics movie, The Batman was announced asking whether it Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker could ever appear in these movies.

That would be an interesting idea, however, after watching the movie, it’s pretty clear that Phoenix will not be this universe’s Joker.

I won’t go into the details of why this is the case.

However, Reeves has finally given us a rather concrete answer to those asking whether Phoenix’s Joker will turn up in these Batman movies.

Could Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker turn up in future Matt Reeves Batman movies?

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Here’s what he had to say when he was asked this question during an interview with Total Film:

I was finishing the Planet of the Apes movies when I first came on board, in 2017. It’s been five years in the making. When I was working on the script, and got deep into the script, Joker hadn’t come out yet. I didn’t know what Joker was or what it was going to be. I became aware of it once we were very deep into the film, and the fact that they were grounding things in a way that was reminiscent of things that we were doing, that wasn’t planned. Joker was always meant to be a very specific standalone that Joaquin, and Todd were doing. There was never really any discussion of crossover.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to seeing what happens with the Joker in these Matt Reeves’ Batman movies?

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