The Batman Hasn’t Been Delayed By Warner Bros. Pictures

There’s a new rumour making the rounds that I just had to address and it’s to do with Matt Reeves’ The Batman. It all boils down to this: a nobody on YouTube is claiming that The Batman movie has been delayed.

The rumour is that The Batman movie is so bad that they’re going to have to do new reshoots on the film.

Oh yeah, and this rumour also claims that the movie’s going to be delayed.

I just wanted to put it out there that this rumour is total and absolute rubbish.

It’s being backed up by literally no one apart from the so-called ‘source’.

Before we carry on with this rubbish, I have to address where this rumour comes from.

It comes from a YouTuber who goes by the name of ‘Doomcock’ (I know).

Don’t worry, The Batman hasn’t been delayed


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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He’s made a video claiming all of this and stating that he has a very reliable inside source who’s informed him that executives do not want Tobey Emmerich and Walter Hamada to see the movie.

Doomcock is claiming that the movie is so bad that they want to reshoot huge chunks of it and it will be mostly Robert Pattinson’s scenes as Bruce Wayne.

Also, they are apparently willing to increase the film’s budget up to $400 million in order to get this done!

I’ve never heard such drivel in my life.

The thing is that Doomcock gets away with spreading crap like this because he’s just a small YouTube channel and can really say whatever he pleases.

YouTube doesn’t censor him because he doesn’t really talk about controversial topics.

He’s not talking about the likes of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

It’s been well-documented that YouTubers who’ve discussed those two have ended up having their channels demonetized.

No, what Doomcock does is spread nonsense about movies that are currently in production.

People don’t like the fact Robert Pattinson was cast as Batman

robert-pattinson-the-batman teaser

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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However, he has his specific targets.

He started off by bashing on the Star Wars movies and constantly claiming that Kathleen Kennedy was about to be fired.

He also stated that George Lucas had been brought in to ‘save’ the sequel trilogy.

Well, a few years on and Kennedy is still the President of Lucasfilm and Lucas has said on multiple occasions that he has nothing to do with Star Wars anymore.

All he does is visits the sets from time to time. That’s it.

OK, so now that the Star Wars sequel trilogy is finished, Doomcock has set his sights on bashing The Batman movie.

However, his videos have a tendency of singling out one person, and that person is Robert Pattinson.

Doomcock clearly does not like the fact that the former Twilight actor has been cast as Batman and is doing as much as he can to smear the actor’s name.

However, there’s a problem with this tactic. What happens when the movie comes out and Pattinson ends up being brilliant in it?

I’m pretty much positive this is going to happen.

Which film or franchise will Doomcock hate on next?

the batman filming release date delayed

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Also, which movie or actor will Doomcock shit all over next?

Well, I suppose The Batman will service him quite well.

Especially since it’s looking like Robert Pattinson will be playing the Caped Crusader for quite some time.

So, what I suppose I’m trying to tell you all in this article is don’t listen to a word Doomcock says.

Watch his videos, by all means (I’d rather you didn’t), but remember that 100% of what he’s telling is all fabricated.

He’s just a man with a camera, a mic, a computer and a mask and a grudge – that’s it.

Also, he made up some rubbish about Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz having sex on the set of The Batman.

He embellished that particular bit of ‘information’ with the addition that Pattinson had actually got Kravitz pregnant.

Well, we’re a few months out of that video, and Kravitz still shows no signs of being pregnant…

Let me know what you make of all of this in the comments below.

Do you think The Batman movie has been delayed?


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  1. Luquinhas Lucas

    Robert Pattinson is a terrible choice to be Batman… He is very thin, pale and looks like a drug addict.

  2. Luquinhas Lucas

    Even if this video was released as a rumor, a joke, a spoof or whatever, it doesn’t matter. Casting Robert Pattinson as Batman was a horrible idea. Although Pattinson was tall enough to play the part, he didn’t like working out and never wanted to get in shape enough to make the portrayal believable.

    Michael Keaton (because he was the original), Christian Bale (because he worked to develop himself the most to become Batman) and Ben Affleck (because he was the most relentless, most intelligent, and most brutal without outright killing the criminals) were the best Batmans. Affleck’s Batman had the best action scenes.

    Pattinson’s career has been marked by playing a bunch of effeminate, emo characters with borderline questionable masculinity. Why? Because that’s who he is in real life. And it shows with his unwillingness to work out to fit the role better. After playing those types of characters and being who he is in real life, we’re supposed to believe he can be Batman? Please!!! Get out of here with that noise!

    Unless Warner Bros fires Pattinson and reshoots all of his scenes with Affleck, I’m not going to even bother watching this mess of a movie. Even if they did that, the movie will be so expensive Warner will not even hope to make their money back.

    The moment Pattinson declined to cooperate to do what was necessary to fit the role, he should have been fired and replaced. Catering to the whims of one spoiled actor who was never right for the role in the first place is what ruins production companies. Now Warner has to pay even more money to salvage this turd if a movie and Pattinson gets paid all while destroying a beloved franchise. I don’t blame Pattinson though. I blame whoever cast him and didn’t get rid of him when he became a problem early on.

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