Robert Pattinson Rumoured To Have Been Sent Home From The Batman Set For Not Being In Shape – Not COVID-19

This is a rumour, but there are reports coming out suggesting that Robert Pattinson was sent home from The Batman set for not being in shape.

OK, so I have so many issues with this rumour.

First off, it comes from Doomcock. Bloody Doomcock.

Just in case you don’t know who he is, he’s a guy on YouTube that loves to stir up things.

However, he started off with the Star Wars movies.

He loved to put out videos in which he claimed that Kathleen Kennedy was about to be fired and that George Lucas was brought in to ‘fix’ the movies.

So, what Doomcock really is is an annoyed Star Wars fan who didn’t like Star Wars: The Last Jedi and decided to spread rubbish rumours about the Star Wars movies being a mess behind the scenes.

And, now that the Star Wars movies are basically done, he’s switched his attention to The Batman movie.

He’s now claiming that Robert Pattinson was asked to leave the set of The Batman because he wasn’t in good enough shape.

Robert Pattinson was sent home (reportedly) for not being in shape – not for having COVID-19

the batman release date delayed

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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He actually went on to claim that this was Matt Reeves’ decision to have the British actor removed from the set.

Then he claimed that they made up Pattinson having COVID-19 as a cover.

It all just screams bullshit to me.

Sorry, I don’t like swearing on Small Screen, but I just can’t stop myself when it comes to Doomcock.

There are other YouTubers that do this sort of thing (*cough* Grace Randolph *cough*).

However, Doomcock might be the worst for it.

He completely forgets the fact that Reeves was one of the main players in getting Pattinson cast.

And we all saw the trailer. Did anyone think, “You know what, Batman’s not big enough”…?

What’s everyone’s obsession with Batman being huge. Michael Keaton wasn’t.

Robert Pattinson’s Batman is in far better shape than Keaton’s ever was.

What do you make of this rumour?

Do you really believe that Robert Pattinson was sent home from The Batman set for not being in shape?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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