The Batman Director Worried Detective Story Was Too Complex


The Batman director, Matt Reeves, has revealed that he was worried that the detective story in the movie would be too complex for most audiences.

Matt Reeves revealed this during a recent interview with Collider.

Here’s what the writer/director of The Batman had to say about the movie’s story:

The first version of this movie that I screened; the movie has a very ambitious, complex narrative. So, by the time we got to a place where we had to start testing, I was not all the way through the cut of the movie. There was so much of the movie yet to be touched and it was really long. I mean, not to say that the movie doesn’t have length now, but it was longer than what I intended. I was terrified because I thought, oh my gosh, we’re showing this, before I’m ready, to an audience and in terms of a Batman movie, it’s a very complex detective story narrative. Are they going to be able to follow anything?

Is The Batman’s detective story going to be too complex for audiences?


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Thankfully, Reeves’ faith in audiences’ intelligence was eventually rewarded.

Reeves went on to revealed that it was The Batman’s story’s complexity that audiences seemed to really respond to whilst testing the movie.

What I found actually, which was amazing, was how much they loved that aspect. That was the biggest relief. I was thinking, okay, why did I do this? Why did I decide to make this kind of story? And what the first test screening told me was the audience wanted this, that we had the Batmobile chases, we had all the things.

You can’t make a Batman movie without giving the baseline things that people want from a Batman movie. But I knew we were challenging the audience in this side of world’s greatest detective side, because it was going to be a very complex narrative and it turned out they love that part of it. It was one of the things that tested best. So that part was a great thing to learn, which was that, actually, the audience would be excited about this version of the movie and that only continued to get better as we continued to test.

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