The Batman Casts Peter Sarsgaard And He Might Be Playing Two-Face

The Batman’s directed and writer, Matt Reeves, has been revealing his film’s cast via his Twitter account, and he recently unveiled that Peter Sarsgaard will be in the film.

However, he didn’t reveal who the actor would be playing in the movie, but he did tweet a gif of Peter Sarsgaard waving and he accompanied the gif with the following caption: “Oh… Hi, Peter…”

So, we know that Peter will be in the movie, but we have no idea who he’ll be playing in the film.

That said, there might be some clues in Matt’s very brief tweet.

First off, some people suggested that Peter Sarsgaard could be playing Two-Face because there’s another face in the gif of Peter Reeves tweeted.

He would make a very good Harvey Dent, a.k.a. Two-Face, however, up until this point, Reeves’ cast reveal tweets have included the names of the characters the actors are playing and not the actors’ names.

So, this has lead to other Batman fans suggesting that Peter Sarsgaard could be playing Peter Grogan.

Will Peter Sarsgaard be playing Two-Face or Peter Grogan in The Batman?

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Grogan was the Deputy Commissioner in the Batman comics and he ended up being promoted to the role of Police Commissioner.

However, Grogan was later replaced by James Gordon after it was revealed he was corrupt.

Grogan has also been in the Batman video games, Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: The Telltale Series, so there are many fans out there who are very familiar with the character.

I do love the idea of Sarsgaard playing either Two-Face or Grogan, but I do think the latter would make more sense since Harvey Dent tends to be about the same age as Bruce Wayne.

Sarsgaard is a couple of years older than Robert Pattinson and I think he’d make for a better corrupt Police Commissioner rather than Two-Face.

What do you make of this casting, and who do you think Peter Sarsgaard will be playing in The Batman? Let us know in the comments below.

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