Shazam Sequel Confirmed By Warner Bros. Pictures And Zachary Levi Will Return

Shazam! came out this year and people did enjoy it, but it didn’t do quite as well as expected, which has meant that fans of the movie – myself included – weren’t too sure about whether Warner Bros. Pictures would greenlight the sequel.

However, it’s been revealed that Warner Bros Pictures and DC Entertainment are currently working on a Shazam sequel.

They revealed this brilliant bit of news at Comic-Con Experience in Brazil (Saõ Paulo to be exact) and it was then reported by

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment also added the little cherry on the cake which is that Zachary Levi will be returning as Shazam.

Levi is the perfect man to play the role and he showed everybody just how good he is as the superhero in the first movie.

It was revealed back in April that Henry Gayden would return to write the Shazam’s sequel script.

Shazam!’s sequel is going ahead and Zachary Levi will return

Zachary Levi will be back as Shazam! in the sequel

Zachary Levi will be back as Shazam! in the sequel (Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

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He’s not the only person coming back from the first movie as it was also reported that director David F. Sandberg would also be returning along with producer Peter Safran.

It wasn’t revealed when the movie will begin production, but it can’t be too long now.

Levi did say that he believed production would begin in early 2020, which means that they should be getting a move on with the Shazam sequel pretty soon.

Shazam! is one of DC Comics’ oldest superheroes as far as the comics are concerned, however, he’s not quite as well-known as Batman and Superman.

This meant that for the movie they scaled the budget back to $100 million and they also went for a much lighter and more comedic tone than any of the other movies in the DCEU.

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