Talent Or Education: 10 Self-Taught Hollywood Actors

It is impossible to become a scientist, historian or doctor without a professional higher education. The sphere of activity of these specialities requires narrowly focused knowledge. In contrast to the profession of an actor, where only talent matters. But is it possible to become a world-famous actor with millions of dollars in royalties, having only the skills? This question will be answered by the well-known Hollywood actors who once were academic underachievers and runaway rebels.

Tom Cruise


Credit: Paramount Pictures

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Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise is one of the brightest representatives of self-taught Hollywood actors. Not only that, one of the future highest-paid actors in the world (according to a study by essaywriter.nyc), had no intention of becoming one at all, but wanted to devote himself to religion.. The dream of his youth was to devote himself to religion. And while in his hometown of Syracuse, Tom Cruise almost became a Catholic priest. However, after moving to New York, the future actor has revised its position in life. And just six months later, he got a role in the film “Taps”.

The most famous works of the star were “Rain Man”, “Mission: Impossible”, “Minority Report”, “Interview with the Vampire”, “Eyes Wide Shut” and others.

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Unlike his predecessor on this list, Heath Ledger knew what he wants. Barely out of high school, he set out on a journey. Such a serious decision the 17-year-old made in order to become an actor. In addition, he was not travelling alone, and with a friend and like-minded Trevor DiCarlo.

The actor’s film debut was the Australian film “Blackrock”. Who would have thought that this little-known picture will lead him to the most important award of cinematography “Oscar”. He won it for his role as the Joker in “The Dark Knight”. Unfortunately, Heath Ledger was given the award posthumously. The list of the Australian’s most famous works includes “A Knight’s Tale”, “Brokeback Mountain,” “The Brothers Grimm,” “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.”

Meg Ryan

Meg, especially known for “Sleepless in Seattle” or “When Harry Met Sally,” is known for her romantic roles in famous comedies. But according to Jack Happer, who is a research writer in the field of the movie industry history for different write my essay services, initially, the actress aspired to become a journalist. Therefore, she received higher education in Connecticut, and then went to New York University. But life in the big city was not so easy. So Meg had to work part-time in occasional roles and commercials.

Her love for this kind of art came in the process. Meg Ryan was so caught up in the acting life that she abandoned her studies. Because of this, she was expelled from the university six months before graduation.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale Thor Love And Thunder Marvel Studios

Credit: Universal

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Who would have thought that a rebel by nature, who dropped out of school at 16 to start acting in commercials, would achieve such success? Thanks to his persistence, the actor starred in small roles, until he got a chance to prove himself on the theatrical stage. The play “The Nerd” and was the impetus for a television career. His first award Christian received as a minor for his role in the film “Mio in the Land of Faraway”.

In the aftermath, the actor became famous for “The Machinist”, “American Hustle”, “The Prestige”, “The Fighter” and even “Terminator Salvation”.

Jennifer Lawrence

passengers jennifer lawrence sue storm fantastic four mcu

Credit: 20th Century Fox

This actress surpassed even Bale, as she started working in the film industry when she was 14 years old. Whether she convinced her parents to move to New York to become an actress or the stars were in awe of her success, but she succeeded. She began her career with the television project “Company Town.” And then she had a role in “The Silver Linings Playbook” and the heroine of “X-Men.” Among others, Jennifer’s list of movies includes such films as “American Hustle”, “The Hunger Games”, “Joy”, “House at the End of the Street” and others.

Johnny Depp


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Johnny Depp is an extravagant and attractive man who has won the hearts of women all over the world. He began his artistic career as a musician and even managed to become famous in this field. But then he had to master many other incredible professions, like a pen salesman.

The actor has to thank his successful career to fate for his acquaintance with Nicolas Cage. As a Hollywood star, Nicholas immediately considered the acting talent of his future colleague. And thanks to the professional help the most famous pirate of the Caribbean immediately started with the main role in the TV series “21 Jump Street”. Although he became famous, of course, thanks to the films “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, “Sleepy Hollow”, “Blow”, “Chocolat”, “The Ninth Gate”, “Alice in Wonderland” and many others.

Russell Crowe

Unlike others, Russell knew from childhood what he wanted to be. So in line with other goal-oriented talents, dropped out of school at 16 and went to meet the star career. He was not as easy to achieve success as other colleagues in the film industry. Still, the actor has achieved the desired result, and the main role in the film “A Beautiful Mind” revolutionized the genre style.

The actor’s filmography is famous for the pictures “Gladiator”, “The Next Three Days”, “Man of Steel”, “Broken City”, “Unhinged”.

Ben Kingsley

Shang Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings Ben Kingsley

Credit: Marvel Studios

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He began his acting career on the stage of the Shakespeare Theater at the age of 23. And the first film with Ben’s participation was the picture “Fear Is the Key”. Despite the fact that the Hollywood actor joins the list of self-taught artists, he won an Oscar for his role in the film “Gandhi”. Not only that, the British government appointed him a Knight Bachelor due to his undeniable talent and huge contribution to the film industry in England.

You can’t argue with the British government’s opinion, of course, and the cinematic masterpieces speak for themselves: “Lucky Number Slevin,” “Shutter Island,” “Backstabbing for Beginners,” “Night Hunter,” “The Last Legion”.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck in Joker Box Office

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The story of this actor, musician and producer seems truly fabulous. After all, Joaquin grew up in a poor family along with his 5 siblings. In order to help his father feed his family, they showed performances on the streets of his hometown of Puerto Rico. According to one version, his mother, who took a job on television after divorcing his father, helped him become an actor. According to another Hollywood agent Iris Burton noticed the theatrical performances of children. Either way, the talent found its place in the film industry.

The last film, glorified the actor was “Joker”, where Joaquin played a lonely psychopath. However, it was such pictures as “Gladiator”, “The Master”, “Inherent Vice” and “8mm” that brought the actor to stardom triumph.

Brad Pitt


Credit: Sony Pictures

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Finally, the world-famous Hollywood actor, the main idol of many and ex-spouse of Angelina Jolie – Brad Pitt. The actor began planning his escape from Missouri to Hollywood shortly before graduation. And when the time came, he left his ancestral home with 325 dollars in his pocket. On the first day in Los Angeles, he ran across an ad in the newspaper, inviting actors to be extras.

Having already begun his acting career, he still decided to take acting classes, and to pay for his training, he worked in a chicken suit in a restaurant, a deliveryman of strippers and a refrigerator loader. How much would a refrigerator delivered by Brad Pitt himself cost now?

After all, he has countless famous movies in his arsenal, including “Seven,” “Interview with the Vampire,” “Inglourious Basterds,” “Snatch,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “Ocean’s Eleven,” “Troy,” “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” “Fight Club.” Even knowing all these movies by heart, rereading the titles makes you want to watch them again and again.

What do you make of this list? Are there any Hollywood actors we missed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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