Jason Statham Takes On A Huge Prehistoric Shark In The Meg’s First Trailer

Jason Statham vs a 70-foot prehistoric shark? Sounds like a movie I’d see and it’s called The Meg. Check out the film’s trailer right here.

Jason Statham or a massive prehistoric shark? Who will win? That’s a tough question, especially if you’ve seen some of the incredible things the Stathe has pulled off in this other movies. At this point, they should just announce that the JSCU (Jason Statham Cinematic Universe) is a thing and that anyone who tries to take him on will fail. You’ve been warned great big megalodon.

The trailer sets up the movie pretty well. Jason Statham is Jonas Taylor, a deep-sea rescue diver who is called into action when a shark leaves some pretty big tooth marks in a deep-sea base which is part of an international undersea observation program. Turns out that the tooth marks were left by a prehistoric shark, otherwise known as a megalodon, and it’s up to the Stathe to kill the thing before it wipes everything in the ocean out.

Jason Statham and Bingbing Li in The Meg

Jason Statham and Bingbing Li in The Meg

There have been a few of these types of movies, but none of them has managed to recapture the sense of terror that Steven Spielberg’s Jaws had. Most of these shark movies have either been Jaws-lite or full out ridiculous (check out the Sharknado franchise for evidence of this fact).

The Meg, however, is based on Steve Alten’s 1997 science fiction book Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, and it’s apparently pretty scary. I will own up and say that I haven’t read this book, but I’ve watched, and enjoyed, many a Statham movie and can safely say that he’s enough of a draw for me.

The Meg is also directed by Jon Turteltaub who gave us Cool Runnings and the National Treasure movies, so I’m actually quite looking forward to seeing this. It was going to be directed by horror gore lover, Eli Roth, but he dropped out when Warner Bros. told him to tone it down on the gore. I’m very much glad that they got rid of Roth and brought in Turteltaub and Statham.

The Meg will be in UK cinemas on August 10th and will also star Ruby Rose and Rainn Wilson.

Are you looking forward to seeing Jason Statham take on a shark as much as I am? Let us know in the comments below.

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