Taika Waititi Responds To Martin Scorsese’s Marvel Movies Comments

Taikia Waititi isn’t someone who minces his words. The Thor: Ragnarok director says what he thinks and does whatever he wants. It’s why we love him so much, and also why he love him directing Marvel movies.

He was recently asked to comment on Martin Scorsese’s comments that Marvel movies aren’t cinema during an interview with AP Entertainment in a recent interview., and his response was both definite and hilarious.

He looked at the interviewer, and replied: “Of course it’s cinema! It’s at the movies! It’s in cinemas…near you.”

It’s called the Marvel ‘Cinema’tic Universe for a reason!

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He then added: “Marvel CINEMA-tic Universe.”

AP Entertainment then tweeted out the video of this snippet from the interview, and it’s just perfect.

Taika Waititi’s reaction is perfect, and what he says is perfect. Of course, Marvel movies are cinema. It is called the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a reason.

Martin Scorsese’s comments made the headlines last week, and I do understand where he’s coming from, however, back when he started making movies, people were saying the same thing about his gangster films.

It’s just how the movie industry works. At one point in time, certain directors would have thought that gangster movies ‘weren’t cinema’ or westerns wouldn’t have been considered ‘cinema’ either.

Let’s get ready for Taika Waititi’s Marvel movie, Thor: Love And Thunder

Thor: Love And Thunder From Taika Waititi is coming

Thor: Love And Thunder From Taika Waititi is coming – Credit: Marvel Studios

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I reckon that in a few years time when we’re old and grey, people will be looking back as Marvel movies, and superhero films in general, as people see gangster films are seen today.

We’ll probably be saying at the point that video game movies aren’t ‘cinema’.

Meanwhile, Waititi’s currently prepping for his next Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Thor: Love And Thunder, which I think will be brilliant!

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