Sweet Tooth Season 2 Already In The Works At Netflix


It’s been revealed to us by sources close to Netflix that they are already working on Sweet Tooth Season 2.

This means that they should go into production on the second season of the show pretty soon.

Sweet Tooth has already proven to be a huge hit on the streaming platform.

It’s the number one show on Netflix worldwide, overtaking Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 in the process.

That’s particularly impressive given how well that’s show’s been doing.

Lucifer is also a very popular show with a huge fanbase.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 is happening


Credit: Netflix

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Sweet Tooth is a new show based on a rather niche comic book.

However, people have really gravitated towards the show and really want more.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 is being fast-tracked,” our source informed us.

They continued: “Netflix has been loving the reaction to the series and they want to make sure the second season comes out as soon as possible.”

It does seem as though this show has really struck a chord with Netflix viewers.

I would argue that it’s been the most successful new Netflix show to come out in the last few years.

Netflix viewers have been loving this new show

Sweet Tooth

Credit: Netflix

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It will be interesting to see whether they decide to stick to the story in the comic book.

Sweet Tooth is based on a comic of the same name which was written and drawn by Jeff Lemire.

The comic book is actually quite dark and they had to change the tone quite drastically for the Netflix series.

However, what they’ve done is open up the story to a completely different audience.

I wouldn’t really say that Sweet Tooth is something that most 9-year-olds could read.

However, I think they would be OK watching the series.

There’s no news on whether Jim Mickle will stay on as the showrunner.

That said, I’m pretty he’ll still be involved in the next season of Sweet Tooth.

He’s one of the main reasons why the first season of the show works so well.

What do you make of this news?

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