When Will Lupin Season 3 Be Released On Netflix?

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So, Lupin Season 2 has just been released on Netflix (hurrah!) and fans are already wondering when Lupin Season 3’s release date will be.

Well, I suppose the first question we all have to ask ourselves is will there even be a season 3?

This French show which star Omar Sy as Assane Diop has ended up being one of Netflix’s biggest hits.

The first season of Lupin was huge and the second season is already gearing up to be just as big as the first one.

I think this second season might end up being even bigger.

Is Lupin Season 3 going to happen?

Omar Sy Lupin Season 2 Release Date

Credit: Netflix

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So, to answer the question of whether Lupin Season 3 will happen, I’m pretty certain it will.

Now, I haven’t been told that it’s coming, but I have been asking around and I will let you know should I hear any more information on that matter.

So, back to when Lupin Season 3’s release date could be.

The best way to try and figure these things out is by trying to work out when the season will go into production.

Once that’s been finalized, you can come up with a pretty accurate guess of when the season is going to be released.

So, if production on Lupin Season 3 were to start around August – September this year, then you should expect to wait at least 8 to 12 months for the next season to be released.

One thing that you can also do is follow Omar Sy and Netflix on social media.

They do some very interesting things over there.

Make sure to check out social media for more clues


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For instance, the release date of Lupin Season 2 (or Part 2) was actually hidden in the graphic revealing that Part 2 was coming.

You had to really look for it, but many people missed it.

They’ve done something similar ahead of the Euros in which they photoshopped in Omar Sy as Assane Diop into many of the footballers’ posts on Instagram.

Now, I’m pretty sure you can do some sleuthing of your own and find out some pretty interesting information about Lupin Season 3.

Netflix has really done some intelligent things in promoting Lupin across social media.

When could Lupin Season 3’s release date be?

Omar Sy Lupin Season 2

Credit: Netflix

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It helps to drive up engagement and also gets fans excited to see more of the show.

Fans will start to scroll through everyone involved in the sh0w’s social media feeds to find out any potentially hidden information about what’s to come next in this show.

What do you make of all of this?

Are you a fan of Lupin and are you keeping your fingers crossed for Lupin Season 3?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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