Supergirl And Batwoman’s Ratings Slump Continues For The CW

It’s been revealed that Supergirl and Batwoman’s ratings have continued to plummet on The CW following the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover.

It hasn’t en easy time for Supergirl and Batwoman following the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover event.

Neither show had huge numbers before the crossover event, and they’ve been on the decline ever since.

The latest numbers on their most recent episodes indicate their ratings have taken a dive off a cliff

According to Cosmic Book News, Sunday’s Batwoman episode called ‘Drink Me’, only managed to attract 816,000 viewers.

To put that into context, that’s the second least-watched episode of the season.

This was a pretty significant drop from the previous episode, which managed to pull in an audience of 848,000.

The series starring Ruby Rose is still in its first season and it still has time to turn things around before the season’s finale.

Is it time for The CW to end Supergirl and Batwoman?

Who ever thought we'd see the man and girl of steel together?

Who ever thought we’d see the man and girl of steel together? – Credit: The CW

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However, the same can’t be said of Supergirl, which is having an even harder time bringing in viewers.

Last Sunday’s episode, called ‘It’s a Super Life’, only managed to get 667,00 viewers.

However, that was a slight improvement from the previous episode’s which got just 654,000.

The problem is that Supergirl is now in its fifth season, which is quite a lot for a show of its type.

The first episode of Season 5 also managed to attract over 1 million viewers, so where have all the others gone?

This could all spell doom for both Batwoman and Supergirl on The CW as they try new things with their DC Comics characters.

Personally, I’d love to see more from both characters, but ultimately, it is a numbers game and The CW needs more viewers.

That said, The CW has already renewed both Supergirl and Batwoman, so they’re going to give it a good go.

What do you make of this news? Are you worried about the future of The CW’s Supergirl and Batwoman shows?

Let us know in the comments below.

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