The Super Mario Bros Movie Leads Worldwide Box Office


The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which comes from Illumination and Nintendo, has stormed to a £303m ($377m) global opening since Wednesday, which is a huge amount of money. We always knew that the film was going to perform very well at the box office. However, we never expected it to do this well.

The film opened across 70 countries, and it has ended up defeating any and all expectations that had been previously set for the movie. The movie ended up bringing in £139m ($173m) internationally and £164m ($204m) from North America (via Box Office Mojo).

In the UK, the film has dominated the charts since its release on Wednesday/Thursday, and The Super Mario Bros Movie has now taken £15.7m ($19.6m) with another week of the Easter holidays to go.

It took first place with almost an £8m difference to Dungeons And Dragons: Honour Among Thieves, which sat in second place with £2.2m ($2.77m) over the weekend. Air entered at number 4 with a £1.02m ($1.26m).

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has taken the box office by storm


Credit: Illumination

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In France, the film took another £8m ($10.4m), and the movie was also released in China (which is very rare for a Hollywood film these days) and ended up with a £9.6m ($12m) opening. The film seems set to hit that £402m ($500m) benchmark over the next week or so.

It’s easily the strongest movie release of the year globally from Hollywood and is only behind Frozen 2 for the biggest animated opening of all time. With results like these, more Nintendo titles must be coming down the pipeline. We’ve already revealed that Illumination has pitched a Luigi’s Mansion movie to Nintendo, which could get the green light very soon.

The Nintendo Cinematic Universe must be coming!


Credit: Illumination

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It’s also being rumoured that an animated The Legend Of Zelda film is also being discussed internally at Nintendo and Illumination. I have a feeling that the Nintendo Cinematic Universe is coming, and it’s going to be huge!

With the massive success of Nintendo’s first-ever animated Mario movie, it does make you wonder why Universal and Nintendo were so strict on theatre/cinema marketing activities for the film, prohibiting many if not all connections to the games themselves in foyers and with audiences.

That’s a bit of a head-scratcher. However, I’m sure that Nintendo has its reasons. I have a feeling that in the future Nintendo might want to release its upcoming movies and video games at the same time in order to maximise profits.

So, for instance, when (not if) they release The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2, then I would expect a new Mario game to be released at the same time as the film. Now, I’m going to get back to playing Mario Odyssey on my Nintendo Switch. I just cannot get enough of Super Mario these days. I think the movie just got me back into the Mario Bros and Nintendo mood.

Let me know which Nintendo video games you’ve been playing on your Switches since watching the movie in the theatre.

What do you make of this news? Did you see The Super Mario Bros. Movie this weekend? If so, what did you think of it?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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