Star Wars’ John Boyega Reveals He Had A ‘Transparent’ And ‘Honest’ Talk With Kathleen Kennedy

John Boyega has revealed that he had what he described to be a “transparent” and “honest” talk with Kathleen Kennedy after his Star Wars race comments. He revealed this during an interview with the BBC in which he was promoting the release of Steve McQueen’s Small Axe film Red White And Blue.

This comes after Boyega did an interview with GQ magazine in which he revealed his frustrations that non-white characters are “pushed to the side” in The Force Awakens sequels. He also added that Disney gave “all the nuance” to Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley’s characters, which was very true.

Since then, John Boyega’s been very open of his criticism of the way Disney treated him and other characters of colour in the Star Wars franchise. He spoke of how they would put his face front and centre and then not give his character a generally interesting character arc in the movies.

John Boyega and Kathleen Kennedy had a “transparent” and “honest” conversation about Star Wars race comments

John Boyega might be playing the villain the Blade reboot

Credit: Lucasfilm

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Here’s what Star Wars’ John Boyega told the BBC recently about his phone call with Kathleen Kennedy:

So I got on a phone call with Kathleen Kennedy [Lucasfilm President] and she verbally showed support and we got to have a really nice, transparent, honest conversation that is beneficial to both of us.

Boyega then added that it could sound like he’s trying to save his own career, but he definitely is not. Here’s what he said:

I think these kinds of conversations, you can go into the realm of sounding like you’re just trying to save your own career, but what is great now is that it is a conversation that anyone has access to. Now people can express themselves about this knowing that any character we love, especially in these big franchises like the Marvels and Star Wars, we love them because of the moments that they are given, we love them because of those moments, and they’re heroic moments that these producers all decide for these characters so we need to see that in our characters that are maybe black and from other cultures.

What do you make of this news? What do you make of John Boyega’s comments regarding the Star Wars franchise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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