Star Trek Actor Lashes Out At James Gunn In Twitter Rant


Star Trek actor Anson Mount really lashed out at James Gunn on Twitter after the director complained about male actors lying about their height.

So, this all started with James Gunn saying that he wished male actors would stop lying about their heights on their CVs.

Gunn said this:

I wish actors (especially men) would tell the truth about their height when casting. Casting a whole show can be a balance of a lot of things, including heights, & easily 50% of the time male actors exaggerate how tall they are, sometimes by a lot, on their resumes.

This tweet really seemed to upset Anson who then took to Twitter to call James Gunn out.

You can have a look at what Anson had to say below.

Star Trek’s Anson Mount really wasn’t happy with James Gunn

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So, here’s what Anson replied after James Gunn complained about male actors lying about their height:

Well, James. It kinda shouldn’t fuc*in’ matter. Industry’s use of “height” is shorthand for male dominance/ “masculinity” (particularly re: female counterparts). Here’s a better idea: present US with your measurements when we walk through the door. We’ll likely be underwhelmed.

This is all very, very strange to me.

I find it very odd that Anson would take such offence at what Gunn had to say.

Gunn seemed pretty miffed also, who then replied, saying:

I don’t know why this hit such a nerve,@ansonmount, but, as a director, it does matter, because when you’re shooting two or more people the heights make a difference in how it’s shot. And sometimes you are looking for height disparity or parity. It’s about the storytelling.

What do you make of this news?

Were you a bit suspired by Anson Mount’s Twitter outburst against James Gunn?

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