Sony Pictures Is Interested In Buying Fox Which Means We Could See The X-Men Crossover With Spider-Man Characters

It looks like Sony Pictures is now looking at acquiring 20th Century Fox which means that there might be the possibility of seeing Spider-Man characters crossover with the X-Men in the future.

Talks between 21st Century Fox and Disney have broken down which means that we might not get to see the Marvel universe united on the big screen anytime soon. However, do not give up hope completely. There are new reports suggesting that other companies are interested in acquiring Fox’s cinematic assets such as the X-Men. The latest studio to be interested in making a deal with Fox is, according to The Wall Street Journal, Sony Pictures.

There are multiple reasons why Sony Pictures buying Fox would be good news. Firstly, Sony still owns the cinematic rights to Spider-Man and all the characters villains and allies. Sony is already working on a Venom spin-off movie, for instance, starring Tom Hardy, they the studio is also developing a Morbius the Living Vampire movie. A deal with Fox would pave the way to see X-Men and Fantastic Four characters come into the Spider-Man cinematic universe.

Yes, Marvel and Sony struck a deal on Spider-Man which brought the wall-crawler into the MCU and gave Marvel the opportunity to make the Spider-Man movie we’ve been waiting for for so long in Spider-Man: Homecoming. That said, Marvel still has no say over the other characters that Sony owns, which is why they are doing so many spin-off movies. If this deal were to go through, it would give Sony the opportunity to bring in the Fantastic Four and other X-Men characters into their Spider-Man spin-off movies.

Sony Pictures Is Interested In Buying Fox Which Means We Could See The X-Men Crossover With Spider-Man Characters 1

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see all of Marvel’s characters come together on the big screen?

That said, Sony and Marvel’s deal might mean that Spider-Man himself would have to set these potential movies out, which is a bit annoying for us Spider-Man fans. This is, of course, all hearsay at the moment since nothing has been finalised or even confirmed. A few weeks ago the WSJ was telling us that Disney was on course to purchase Fox, which kind of would have brought all of Marvel’s character back home to Marvel. However, it looks like that isn’t going to happen now.

I do like what Fox has done with their comic book movie assets. They haven’t been afraid to really push the boundaries with movies like Deadpool and Logan being the first R-rated comic book movies in a while and easily the best. Not only were they critically acclaimed, but they also made a lot of money. The New Mutants and Deadpool 2 also look interesting and I like the fact that they’ve cast James Franco as Multiple Man and are working on the character’s own standalone movie. They’re doing things differently and it would be a shame to see that come to an end.

What do you think of this potential deal between Sony Pictures and Fox? Let us know in the comments below.

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