Snyderverse Wonder Woman Has Kryptonian Origin


In the recent Full Circle event of Zack Snyder, the filmmaker and architect of the Snyderverse revealed he thought of giving Wonder Woman a Kryptonian origin. Does that suggest that the Amazon warrior princess and Superman belong to the same race but have evolved differently?

There are times that certain stories and backstories get changed for a certain platform or as an interpretation or version of the character. Much like what happened to Todd Philipps’ Joker, the origin of the character was made more detailed and somewhat deviated from the one that the fandom knew for years.

Only, this particular change in Wonder Woman’s origin would have been so striking that it could have been a hard pill to swallow for Snyderverse fans. For the sake of ‘grounding’ or making a character or storyline more realistic or believable, the possibility of rewriting Diana’s very DNA was just unthinkable for some.

Snyderverse Almost Gave Wonder Woman Kryptonian Origin

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A post from IGN stated:

Snyder was answering questions at his charity screenings of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the director said the “gods” of Earth would have actually been Kryptonians, meant to ground the lore of the Snyderverse.

The post opened the thread for fans to toy with the idea and debate on the merits of Zack Snyder’s proposition. Despite the idea never flying into reality, fans are now either immediately tossing it to the bin or simmering with the thought that it could have actually worked. 

In an article from Comicbook, Snyder was quoted last Friday saying:

“[We thought] Zeus could possibly be Kryptonian so that Wonder Woman’s powers…anyway, you can sort of see where that’s going. The whole thing of whether or not magic or gods…there’s a version of where you’re like ‘That’s cool, I guess,’ then there’s the scientific aspect. You have the pathology of wondering where gods come from. We had played around with that quite a bit.

By the statement, Snyder mentions that the idea was considered for some time. We wonder how he would have gone about it if the notion was perhaps accepted.


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One comment online from mikeymumbelz now has 50 likes. The tweet said:

Honestly, that would make sense.

It would help narrow down the source of superheroes instead of there being multiple unexplained powerful people running around.

To which TysLeftFoot pointed out a sound contradiction. He said:

It wouldn’t make a bit of sense. Kryptonians do not simply have distinct powers. The sun in the solar system is what enchances them. Every Kryptonian has the same powers. Zeus, Ares, Artemis exhibit none of the powers we see in the Kryptonians

Meanwhile, Prime The Godfather reminded everyone

It was only an idea people & even if it came to pass the #SnyderVerse is a Elseworld story so in Elseworld you can do whatever. That’s why Elseworld stories is where DC truly flourishs not saying continuity is bad but it isn’t better in my humble opinion better then #Elseworld

Wonder Woman Could Have Had Kryptonian DNA In Snyderverse

Snyderverse Wonder Woman Has Kryptonian Origin

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Since the idea never made it to fruition, who’s to say it wouldn’t have worked? Many do say that when a person has an out-of-the box idea, there is bound to be a good portion of defiance from people who have been used to what they have always had.

On the other hand, some would have the impression that a drastic change for a major DC character, one of THE Trinity to boot, would have been a disrespect to the original writers and creators. 

One other commenter said that if Marvel could have been successful in doing so for Thor, why not with Zeus? Marvel presented Thor as a protector of the realm but he isn’t actually just a Norse god. In their narrative, Thor belongs to an alien race with advanced powers that consider magic and science being one and the same.

If they go with Zeus being Kryptonian in origin, it brings a narrative closer to what can be considered magic and scientific. However, this would mean that the Greek gods should have had similar powers not unique ones. These are flight, superhuman strength and all powers that Wonder Woman possesses.

But again, if one looks at the culture of Kryptonians, they themselves believe in a god. Could that be the god that will be the origin of Zeus? If so, Zeus may get the Kryptonian origin by being connected to the Kryptonian god but not as the Kryptonian as a race.

Then again we may just be overthinking. 

What is your take on the possibility that Wonder Woman could have had a Kryptonian origin in the Snyderverse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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