Horror Video Games Silent Hill And Fatal Frame Are Being Adapted Into Movies

Christophe Gans is going to be taking another crack at making a Silent Hill movie.

Silent Hill is a pretty famous horror video game franchise by Keiichiro Toyama from Konami.

He recently spoke to French media outlet AlloCiné and he revealed during this interview that he’s working on another Silent Hill movie.

His first one came out back in 2006 and it was a pretty decent attempt.

It wasn’t incredible, but there were good things about it.

During the interview with AlloCiné (via IGN) he said that he’s actually working on two horror video game adaptations: Silent Hill and Fatal Frame.

Gans said that he’s thinking of setting his Fatal Frame film in a Japanese haunted house.

He then added that he’d like to keep his Silent Hill movie in a small American town that’s ravaged by Puritanism.

We might be getting another Silent Hill movie

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We haven’t had any genuinely good horror movies which were adapted from video games in a while.

You could argue that Gans’ Silent Hill is the only decent one.

That’s quite a statement because it’s not incredible, but it’s certainly better than the films that followed it.

After the first Silent Hill movie, we got Silent Hill: Revelation, which was a direct sequel to the 2006 original movie.

Gans didn’t direct this movie. M. J. Bassett did.

Hopefully, Gans will be able to build on what he started with his Silent Hill film.

What do you make of this? Would you like to see another Silent Hill picture and even a Fatal Frame film?

Let us know in the comments below.

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