The Walking Dead’s David Morrissey Could Be Cast In An Upcoming MCU Movie

It looks like Kevin Feige wants to bring The Walking Dead actor, David Morrissey, into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but which character could he be up for?

If you were to ask me to write a list of the fifty best actors working today, one of the names on that list would have to be David Morrissey.

He’s been impressive in everything I’ve seen him in for years and has been quietly working under the radar. The Liverpudlian actor made an impression on people when he was in The Walking Dead in which he played The Governor.

He was terrifying in the role and people started to take notice of him, but he was delivering fantastic performances before his time on the AMC show.

It’s now been rumoured that Marvel might be looking for a way to bring the actor into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that would be a fantastic idea.

Morrissey is the kind of actor who would thrive in the MCU, but you have to bear in mind that this is a rumour spread by someone on Twitter.

Roger Wardell wrote on Twitter: “Marvel Studios are a big fan of David Morrissey and are considering multiple roles for him for Phase 4.”

This tweet has kind of been taken a face value, yet there is always the strong possibility that it might be a load of made up rubbish.

But, it made me think if they really are looking at Morrissey, which Marvel character could he be up for, and there was only one possibility in my mind.

I think that Morrissey would make a brilliant villain, and one villain which springs to mind is Doctor Doom.

david morriseey 1

David Morrissey as The Governor in The Walking Dead

We already know that they’re keen on bringing the character to the big screen, and Morrissey would be great casting.

The role was most recently played, in sorts, by Tobey Kebbell in Josh Trank’s God awful Fantastic Four, or as I like to call it, Fant4stic.

But please, remember, nothing has been confirmed, however, I’ll be sure to keep a close eye on any new developments.

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