She-Hulk Director Explains Why Fans Are Finding The CGI So Jarring


She-Hulk: Attorney At Law’s director has explained why MCU fans have been finding the CGI in the show’s trailers so jarring.

The show’s director Kat Coiro has now spoken out revealing why the CGI in She-Hulk has been so confusing for Marvel fans that are used to looking at characters such as Thanos and Hulk in the MCU.

Speaking to SFX Magazine, via GamesRadar, Coiro said that this style of CGI is best to capture the facial expressions of the character and is something that fans aren’t used to seeing.

Here’s what Coiro had to say on the matter:

It really is taking the design and asking, ’Are we getting those facial expressions and those nuances of reaction? That is where all the time comes into play, just really honing in. I think a lot of the reactions have to do with the fact that she is so different than anything we’ve seen. When you think of Thanos or Hulk, they have a grisliness and a harshness and a bulkiness to them that is just so different. And when you just see a little pop of her, it’s almost shocking because we haven’t seen it before.

Is She-Hulk’s CGI really that bad?


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Honestly, when I first watched the She-Hulk trailer, I did think that there was something off about the lead character.

However, it’s super tough to make a show that has a lead character that’s huge and green.

Your brain is going to think that something’s off, especially when this is an MCU series and not a movie.

I’m pretty sure that most people will get very used to the way She-Hulk looks in the show after a few minutes.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law is going to be released on Disney Plus on August 17th.

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