Shadow And Bone Season 1 Spoiler Review


Showrunner: Eric Heisserer
Starring: Jessie Mei Li, Archie Renaux, Freddy Carter, Amita Suman, Kit Young, Ben Barnes and Zoë Wanamaker

People who watched Shadow And Bone Season 1 on Netflix definitely were not disappointed with this series which takes on the fantasy tropes and experiences of the modern world. Here’s our review of Shadow And Bone Season 1.

This is also one of the best web series without any doubt, considering the fact that it has taken the place of the top ten in the past week.

Now, Shadow and Bone is all about a fantasy world where an orphan owns a power that can set the world free, and it is all about the fight between the orphan and the dark forces of the world of fantasy.

This show definitely does deserve all the hype because the plot is amazing, the story line is on point, and it even does justice to the popular novel it is based on.

This best series has elements of mystery and inky magical blackness that can be slightly hard to follow through, but is equally intriguing to watch. 

What’s Shadow And Bone Season 1’s plot?


Credit: Netflix

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Shadow And Bone Season 1 begins with an orphan cartographer called Alina Starkov, who is played by Jessie Mei Li.

She lives in the Nation of Ravka, and the whole plot is set when the world is torn apart by war and there is a small community of magical beings by the name the Grisha who have the power to change the elements of the Earth into weapons but because of certain change in power and a series of events, one of the Grisha’s end up creating the Fold which is the darkness that is inhibited with creatures who are dangerous and kill, that separate the two sides of Ravka, into the east and the west.

Mal, who is played by Archie Renaux, Alina’s best friend is accused of crossing the Fold and now, it is up to her to find him where she will come to know that she is also one of the most powerful Grisha that the world has ever come across. 

One of the reasons why Shadow and Bone Season 1 is considered to be the best Netflix shows is because of the fact that it has elements of action, tragedy, action and romance in it, and this best series will definitely keep you gripping the edge of your seat.



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There is a scene where Mal’s name is actually called out across the fold and Alina literally finds a way to join him, showing how she is willing to put herself in danger in order to protect her loved ones.

Unlike a lot of shows out there, all the characters found in Shadow And Bone actually come together well, like a well-woven cloth, and many of these characters, like the six of crows which add elements of light-heartedness, jokes and wisecracks, which actually balance the whole theme of the series well, rather than just focusing on all the hate, longing and some intense chemistry between the leads.

Another scene where Alina, General Kirigan and Mal are engaged in a dramatic scene, when Kaz and his friends actually move around sneakily in the hallways on the edges, patiently waiting for their turn to pounce on them.

What’s Next For This Netflix Series?


Credit: Netflix

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While one of the reasons why Shadow And Bone is the best among all the shows and movies on Netflix because of how well it balances out the various elements of the whole story line, from my experience, the series jumps from one story line to another without even allowing the audience to trace the connection and care about the previous plot that is left behind.

It does take quite a bit of time for characters like Kaz to even get involved into the group and often, the plot can get boring, dull and confusing. 

But you can see how well and not to forget to mention, how heavily has Netflix invested on the production design of this series.

In fact, what makes it the best series to watch is that the story line and the production design, as well as all the other elements that have gone into making this show have come together so well, you will not be able to literally pause the show, you will be glued on to the screen.

The characters, the story behind each character, their personalities, the designs of the creatures found in the fold, Netflix has gone out of their way to make sure that there are no hold backs and the bass has added bone-chilling thrills to the whole show as well.

Also, because of the amount of information, and story lines that are circulating in the show, the various clans and groups may seem slightly confusing to a few, but even then, you will be hooked into the magical jargon that they have thrown in the show as an icing on the top.

Moreover, this is the best series to watch because it does have that re-watch value to it, which not a lot of shows have, and the story arcs are something that you will fall in love with.

Shadow And Bone is also considered to be one of the best shows to watch because social issues like sexuality, conflict, race ad immigration are highlighted but are blended into the story line with ease and effortlessly and how this series manages to pull it off altogether in the end of the show, without making a mess out of the book’s original plot.

Still, this also does justice to the book it has been adapted from, and this series offers originality, even though it is adapted from a book, it does not completely rely on its predecessors, it goes on in detail to show us the complex, intense universe that has creatures, politics, gloom and languages.

And for people who love Game of Thrones and Lord Of The Rings, this show will reel you in with its high budget designs and production, along with its action scenes.

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