See Sydney Sweeney As Spider-Woman

Sydney Sweeney Playing Spider-Woman In Madame Web Movie

Through the wonders of AI, Sydney Sweeney been pictured in a Spider-Woman suit which has got fans more excited to see her in Sony’s Madame Web movie as Julia Carpenter.

It was March of last year when it was officially reported that Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney had joined the cast of Sony’s Madame Web together with Dakota Johnson, who got the titular role. After her successful projects in HBO’s The White Lotus and Euphoria, the actress happily swung and landed into Sony Pictures’ Spider-Verse.

Since then, she has appeared as Penny Jo Poplin in the crime, action-comedy Americana, which debuted last March in the United States at the South by Southwest Film Festival. The movie displays a 100% rating on the Tomatometer from five critic reviews.

She also appeared as Reality Winner in the thriller mystery-drama Reality, which will soon stream on Max, formerly HBO Max, this May 29th. The movie first screened at the Berlin International Film Festival last February, and ten critics gave it its current Tomatometer rating of 100%.

Two months ago, The Direct reported that industry insider Jeff Sneider disclosed in the YouTube channel Hot Mic with him and John Rocha that Sweeney is Julia Carpenter in the Madame Web movie. Thus, fans have been accommodating ruminations on how the actress would look like in the role.

Sydney Sweeney In Spider-Woman Garb

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On Giant Freakin Robot’s official Instagram account, their latest post is a photo of Sweeney in a red Spider-Woman costume. While Sneider stated that the actress would be portraying the second Spider-Woman in the Madame Web movie as the character named Julia Carpenter, the comics depict her to have a black and white costume.

Julia Carpenter in the comics has an extensive story arc that revolves around her being a single mother. She sought to take on jobs to earn in order to maintain the custody of her daughter. Her former college friend, Val Cooper, convinced her to take part in what she described as government experiments in exchange for assured lucrative employment.

From the experiments, she gained superhuman powers that she became Spider-Woman.


Credit: @gfrobo (Instagram)

Later on, Julia finds out that the organization she is working for is not exactly working on the good side. Furthermore, due to her assignments and missions, she ends up missing out on important growing-up milestones of her daughter, Rachel, without any reasonable explanation. Thus, her ex-husband filed to contest her eligibility, and she lost custody of her daughter to him.

Julia eventually cut ties with the organization that gave her her powers in favour of joining the Avengers. After several revelations as to the conspiracies behind her creation, she opted to be an inactive member of the Avengers and resolved to find and reunite with her daughter.

Sydney Sweeney’s Spider-Woman Is Julia Carpenter

Sydney Sweeney Playing Spider-Woman In Madame Web Movie

Credit: Marvel Comics Group

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If Sneider’s disclosure of Sweeney’s Madame Web character is true, then the movie could depict her during different phases of her character. Most likely, she will be at the time when she has just ventured into the superhero movie genre on her own unattached to any organization or even the Avengers.

It may even be likely that it would be during the time she was actively seeking to reunite with her daughter. Apart from being named as the second Spider-Woman, Julia Carpenter also goes by the name Arachnid. Moreover, in recent issues, she has become the second Madame Web.

Considering that the character first appeared in October 1984 during the Secret Wars, we wonder if it could be possible that she would also be crossing the multiverse from Sony’s Spider-Verse into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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