Sean Connery Resented The James Bond Franchise And Compared The Movies To ‘Comic Strips’

It’s been revealed that Sean Connery towards the end of his time playing James Bond didn’t think all that much of the franchise. He actually revealed during an interview with did in the 1960s with journalist Peter Bart.

Bart shared a few extracts from his interview with Sir Sean Connery that he did back in 1966. He shared these extracts with Deadline. Bart described the Bond actor as being “fiercely intense” during the interview.

He also spoke of how Connery was very reluctant to play the British Secret Agent ever again, yet back in 1966 he’s only played the character four times and the latest film he’d been in was Thunderball.

After this interview, he’d go on to film  You Only Live Twice and then in 1971 he returned for one last movie as James Bond in Diamonds Are Forever.

However, Bart revealed that during their interview, Connery told him that he was thinking of leaving the character behind because he thought the movies had dumbed down and become more like, as Connery put it, “comic strips”.

Sean Connery didn’t sound all that fond of the James Bond franchise

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He also told Bart that the franchise was now more about selling merchandise rather than make good movies. You have read what Connery told Bart during the interview below:

‘The Bond pictures have become like comic strips dependent on bigger and better gimmicks. That’s all that sustains them,’ Connery said, ordering drinks for both of us. More exasperating, he said, was that, wherever he went he found himself surrounded by Bond licensed products — attaché cases, toys, even underwear. ‘There are even dolls with spikes that protrude from their shoes. It’s a lot of rubbish.’

Bart then asked Connery if we could return for a fifth movie, and he revealed that there was a “look of resignation” on Connery’s face. The actor then replied:

The negotiations will be difficult. I am fighting for time as well as for money. A Bond picture takes six months. I want time to fit in other things that mean more to me.

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