Sean Connery’s Cause Of Death Has Now Been Revealed

It hasn’t been that long since it was reported that Sir Sean Connery very sadly passed away, and there have been a lot of tributes to the actor from people in the entertainment industry. He died at 90 years of age and now the cause of Sean Connery’s death has been revealed after TMZ managed to get their hands on his death certificate.

There were no real surprises in Sean Connery’s death certificate and it did also say that he died peacefully in his sleep, just like his widow Micheline Roquebrune said. The certificate states that Connery died at 1:30am on October 31st. It was the result of respiratory failure which was brought on by old age, pneumonia and atrial fibrillation, with the latter condition typically linked to an irregular heartbeat. Connery, most famous for playing James Bond, was at home in the Bahamas at the time. His family and others did indicate that Connery had been ill for a while, and he also reportedly experienced dementia.

Sean Connery passed away peacefully in his sleep

Sean Connery Michael Bay The Rock

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It’s also been revealed by Sean Connery’s wife that his last wish was to have his ashes scattered in both the Bahamas and also in his homeland of Scotland. Even though Connery had spent a lot of time away from Scotland, he still had an undying attachment to the place he was born in and never stopped hoping that they would gain independence from the United Kingdom.

He was also a long-term member of the Scottish National Party, and was very vocal about wanting Scotland to leave the Union – an idea which is really gaining traction in Scotland, especially after Brexit. As far as Sean Connery’s work is concerned, now is a very good time to go over some of his best work in movies such as The Untouchables, Highlander and even The Rock.

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