The Epic Sci-Fi Thriller Series On Apple TV+ That’s Been Renewed For Season 3


In a move that has delighted sci-fi enthusiasts worldwide, Apple TV+ has reportedly renewed the epic sci-fi thriller series Invasion for a third season. This renewal comes despite the absence of an official announcement from the tech giant, marking a stealthy yet significant extension of the high-budget science fiction show.

Invasion, which concluded its ten-episode-long second season last October, has kept Apple TV+ subscribers on tenterhooks, eagerly awaiting news of its continuation. The series, known for its character-driven drama set against the backdrop of an alien invasion, has now been confirmed to return, much to the joy of its growing fanbase.

The Stealthy Renewal


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A Surprise Development for Invasion Fans

Despite the lack of a formal announcement, filming for Invasion Season 3 is set to commence. This was discovered through an entry on FTIA’s list of productions, revealing that shooting will begin in February in Vancouver, Canada. The series, intriguingly codenamed “Kanji”, is gearing up for another season of its unique take on the alien invasion narrative.

The Anticipated Production Timeline

While the news of the renewal has excited fans, the new season is not expected to premiere soon. The production, scheduled to conclude in September, will require extensive post-production work, especially in effects and editing. This suggests that the debut of Invasion Season 3 might not be until 2025.

The Series So Far


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A Deep Dive into Character Development

Invasion stands out for its deliberate pacing and focus on character development over action. The series has been praised for its original portrayal of alien invaders, depicted as spiky, blob-like creatures with a hypnotic, inside-out movement. The second season upped the ante with increased intensity and intrigue surrounding the alien’s Earth invasion.

Global Cast and Diverse Storylines

The series features a diverse cast of characters spread across the globe, each grappling with different aspects of the invasion. Key characters include Mitsuki, played by Shioli Kutsuna, who is driven to decode the alien language, and Aneesha, portrayed by Golshifteh Farahani, a mother using a mysterious alien shard to protect her children.

Final Thoughts on Invasion Season 3


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The Future of Invasion

As Invasion gears up for its third season, the series promises to continue its unique blend of sci-fi and drama. The show’s renewal is a testament to Apple TV+’s commitment to high-quality science fiction content, joining the ranks of other acclaimed titles like For All Mankind, Foundation, and Severance. This renewal not only signifies the show’s success but also reinforces Apple TV+’s position as a significant player in the streaming world, especially in the realm of science fiction.

The Evolving Landscape of Sci-Fi on Apple TV+

The continuation of Invasion for a third season highlights the evolving landscape of sci-fi series on Apple TV+. The platform has been steadily building a repertoire of thought-provoking and visually stunning sci-fi shows, with Invasion being a prime example of its dedication to the genre. This trend reflects a growing appetite among audiences for sci-fi content that is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally resonant.

Anticipation for Season 3’s Storytelling

With the previous seasons laying a solid foundation of character-driven narratives set against a backdrop of a mysterious alien threat, there is considerable anticipation around the storytelling approach of Season 3. Fans are curious to see how the show will balance its signature character development with the expected increase in action and alien encounters. The upcoming season is poised to delve deeper into the alien mythology, potentially offering more insights into their motives and the overarching narrative.

Looking Forward with Excitement

In essence, the renewal of Invasion for a third season is a significant development for fans of the series and the sci-fi genre as a whole. As viewers look forward to the new season, there is a palpable sense of excitement about the directions in which the show could evolve. With its unique take on the alien invasion trope and a commitment to rich, character-driven storytelling, Invasion is set to continue captivating its audience and cementing its place as a standout sci-fi thriller on Apple TV+.

The Anticipated Release and Future Prospects

While the exact release date of Invasion Season 3 remains uncertain, the anticipation builds for what is expected to be a late 2025 premiere. This wait, though long, is filled with expectations of a season that will hopefully address the slow-pacing criticisms while maintaining the show’s depth. As Apple TV+ continues to invest in and expand its sci-fi portfolio, Invasion stands as a beacon of the platform’s dedication to quality and innovation in the genre.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Invasion Season 3 on Apple TV Plus? We’d love to hear from you.

You can stream seasons 1 and 2 of Invasion on Apple TV Plus right now.