Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead Will Be Coming To Netflix On January 10th

Sam Raimi’s very first The Evil Dead movie remains to this day one of my favourite horror movies of all time, but still relatively few people have seen the first one. However, that will all change now that it’s going to be coming to Netflix.

The Evil Dead franchise, which is now is, has been a rather odd one. The very first movie, The Evil Dead, was a pretty straight forward horror movie with some excellent special effects and a rather interesting premise.

There’s a book of the dead which gets opened by some teens a cabin in the woods and all Hell breaks loose, literally.

However, the franchise then took some twists and turns. Evil Dead II, for instance, is basically a remake of the first.

Director Sam Raimi got a little bit more money for the sequel and wanted to make the movie he originally intended to make.

Evil Dead II is a better film, technically, and I do love it to pieces, however, the first film still is a bit better for me because it holds a special place in my heart.

The Evil Dead is coming… to Netflix

The Evil Dead Netflix

The Evil Dead is coming to Netflix (Credit: New Line Cinema)

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The second Evil Dead movie also brought in some more comedic elements which were then expanded upon in the first Evil Dead film, Army Of Darkness, which is more of an adventure movie than a horror film.

Since then we’ve had the Evil Dead remake, simply called Evil Dead, which is currently available to stream on Netflix.

Fede Álvarez directed the movie, which lacks any of the comedic elements of the original movies and is just a pretty standard modern horror movie.

They’ve also made a TV series, called Ash Vs The Evil DeadA, which saw the return of Bruce Campbell as Ash, and that’s really worth a watch and is also on Netflix.

The Evil Dead will be on Netflix from January 10th, so not long to wait until you can see what all the fuss is about for yourselves.

Are you going to be watching Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead when it lands on Netflix?

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