Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool Might Feature In Two Marvel Phase 4 Movies

It’s being rumoured that Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool could feature in two Marvel Phase 4 movies, and he might also cameo in other Marvel films.

We’ve been wondering what’s going to happen to Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool for quite some time.

There hasn’t been much information from Disney nor Marvel about the future of Deadpool.

This comes after Disney acquired the rights to Fox and along with it the movie rights to all of the X-Men characters, including Deadpool.

The problem is that the Deadpool movies performed very well at the box office and they were ‘R-Rated’.

Disney doesn’t make R-Rated movies, and neither does Marvel Studios.

They like their movies to reach as wide an audience as possible and that makes a movie like Deadpool 3 a bit of an issue.

However, we’re now hearing rumours from We Got This Covered that Disney and Marvel are planning on leaning on Deadpool pretty heavily moving forward.

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool might turn in at least two Marvel movies in Phase 4

Deadpool now belongs to the House of Mouse - Credit: Fox

Deadpool now belongs to the House of Mouse – Credit: Fox

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According to WGTC’s sources, Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is going to make an appearance in at least two Marvel Phase 4 movies.

Before this news broke, there had also been rumours that Deadpool was going to take Stan Lee’s place and make a cameo appearance in every single Marvel movie.

Honestly, I thought that would be a brilliant idea and it will be interesting to see what they do with the character in the future.

Deadpool is one of those comic book characters that people just love because he doesn’t take anything seriously.

He’s also constantly breaking the fourth wall and audiences seem to like that about him.

Then there’s the fact that Ryan Reynolds was simply born to play this character.

It would be sad to never see him play Deadpool again.

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool make an appearance in some Phase 4 Marvel movies?

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