Morena Baccarin Reveals No One Has Contacted Her For Deadpool 3

Morena Baccarin, who played Vanessa in Deadpool 1 and 2, has revealed that no one from Disney nor Marvel has contacted her about Deadpool 3.

It seems as though Deadpool 3 seems to be in some sort of limbo at the moment.

We still don’t know whether Marvel Studios is going to make the movie.

This comes after Disney acquired 20th Century Fox and all the rights to their movies.

This included the rights to their Marvel movies such as the X-Men and Deadpool films.

However, one of the issues is that Disney doesn’t make R-Rated movies.

The Deadpool films have all been R-Rated, and one of the actors in those movies, Morean Baccarin, has revealed that she hasn’t been contacted about returning for the third film.

Morena Baccarin hasn’t been contacted for Deadpool 3


Looks like Vanessa won’t be in Deadpool 3 – Credit: Fox

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She revealed this during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Baccarin played Vanessa in Deadpool and Deadpool 2.

She’s Wade Wilson’s girlfriend and then wife in the movies, and she died in the second film.

However, she still had some post-death scenes in which he returned to Wade in visions.

Here’s what Baccarin told EW about Deadpool 3:

I have no idea. Apparently, they’re still writing it [Deadpool 3]. I genuinely don’t know. I have not been asked, or approached. There’s been no conversations yet, so I’m waiting with bated breath.

Hopefully, Vanessa will return in some shape or form in Deadpool 3.

In the comics, Vanessa becomes the mutant known as Copycat, and she’s pretty cool.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to Deadpool 3, and do you think Morena Baccarin will be in the movie?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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