Robert Pattinson Is Getting Rave Reviews In The Lighthouse From The Director Of The Witch

Robert Eggers is back with another horror film, The Lighthouse, after his incredible debut film, The Witch, and it’s getting some incredible reviews and people are raving about Robert Pattinson’s performance in the film.

Robert Pattinson selects his roles very carefully and it’s already looking like 2019 is going to be his year.

Pattinson will be starring in two films which are already being critically acclaimed and critics have been blown away by his performances in both films.

These films are Claire Denis’ High Life and Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse.

High Life is in cinemas now and it getting five-star reviews across the board, yet his next film, The Lighthouse, isn’t out yet.

However, it is being shown at the Cannes Film Festival and it seems to be quickly becoming the festival’s darling picture.

The film is directed by Robert Eggers who scared the living daylights out of people (and me) with his debut film, The Witch.

He’s now followed that up with The Lighthouse, and it sounds like it’s just as scary, perhaps even more so.

After having seen the flick, critics took to Twitter to give their immediate thoughts, and they were quick to praise Eggers, Pattinson and his co-star, Willem Dafoe.

the lighthouse robert pattinson

Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse

The two leads star as two men tasked with monitoring a nautical station off the New England coast, only for the narrative to descend into disturbing psychological horrors. By all accounts, it sounds like a much more ambitious film than Eggers’ previous one, if that’s even possible. 

One review wrote on Twitter: “Pattinson and Dafoe give career-best performances in the insanely, wonderfully crafted THE LIGHTHOUSE. A madhouse amidst a wild ocean; an old Irish poem of desire & greed. My heart still racing like crazy. Soundscape, cinematography, editing, production, all ace. Wow.”

Another said: “I loved THE WITCH but THE LIGHTHOUSE is another level. The image-making is relentlessly striking, Pattinson & Dafoe are extraordinary. Eggers seems to believe that to make a period film, you must also resurrect the dreams, nightmares, language and, um, sea shanties of the time.”

A third critic added: “The Lighthouse – Two men on a rock in the ocean slowly go mad. Absolutely phenomenal, visceral, intense, hilarious filmmaking. Every shot is masterful. The score is astounding. Willem Dafoe & Robert Pattinson are incredible, plumbing the depths of insanity. Perfection.”

I’m not going to keep on adding tweets, but you get the gist. Phrases like “career-best performances”, “Extraordinary”, and “Perfection” are being bandied about, which is a good sign, and great of the film’s posters.

I haven’t had the pleasure – or terror – of having seen the film yet, but after all these glowing reviews, I cannot wait until it comes out here in the UK.

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