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Robert Pattinson Is The Perfect Actor To Play Batman And Here’s Why

It was revealed last week that Robert Pattinson would be playing Batman in Matt Reeves’ Batman movie, and there was a bit of anger towards the casting, but we’re here to explain why Pattinson is perfect for the Batman role.

When Robert Pattinson was cast as Batman, some fans of the DC Comics character weren’t thrilled to hear that the former Twilight actor would be playing their beloved superhero.

However, many of those fans have probably not watched a single movie the British actor has made since he was Edward in the Twilight saga movies.

Since starring in those incredibly popular movies, he’s gone on to reveal that he’s actually a very talented actor.

So, we felt it was time to defend the casting and explain why Pattinson was the best man for the difficult job and how he’ll prove all the naysayers wrong once the film is released.

Pattinson as Edward in the Twilight Saga films

Directly after starring in the Twilight movies, Pattinson went on to appear in a whole slew on independent films, choosing to work with directors he found interesting, as opposed to making seriously big money by being in huge Hollywood blockbusters.

Naturally, after having played Edward and given his massive popularity amongst a large section of moviegoers, he would have received many offers to star in other big franchises.

Yet, he turned those down in favour for smaller budget films which were being helmed by directors he wanted to work with.

Pattinson in The Rover

After Twilight, Pattinson decided to act in movies such as David Michôd’s The Rover, which was a small film from the director of Animal Kingdom, and he worked three-times with David Cronenberg and once with Werner Herzog.

When he was asked how he chose his projects post-Twilight, Pattinson revealed that it was more about the director than anything else.

He told Indiewire: “I think it was just that after working with Cronenberg, it’s working with really ambitious, confident filmmakers. I’ve got a checklist of directors I want to work with and a lot of the time I’ll do anything in their movies. But it’s not just kind of willy-nilly, I’ll do any movie. I do think about it a little bit.”

Pattinson in The Lost City Of Z

Pattinson also revealed that the size of the role matter to him, in the sense that he wasn’t necessarily looking for starring roles in movies.

He said: “It also kind of depends on the size of the part. Most of the parts I’m playing in the last few things are supporting roles. In the Herzog movie, I was just working for ten days or something.”

This just all goes to show how the actor was thinking. He was thinking very carefully about who he wanted to work with, and this is something that he’s carried on throughout his career.

Pattinson in Good Time

I’ve got a checklist of directors I want to work with and a lot of the time I’ll do anything in their movies.

He has since gone on to star in films such as James Gray’s The Lost City of Z and Claire Denis’ High Life, which are both films made by highly-acclaimed directors.

He only had a supporting role in The Lost City of Z, yet he stole the show and proved yet again what a genuine talent he is.

Pattinson also recently starred in a film called Good Time, in which he excels as a bank robber Connie Nikas. Yet again, Pattinson opted to act in a small movie which had been written and directed by independent filmmakers, Josh and Benny Safdie.

Robert Pattinson will make the perfect Batman

Ever since Pattinson waved goodbye to the Twilight franchise, he has chosen to work on projects which interested him personally. He hasn’t done anything for monetary gain or to boost his box office numbers.

Pattinson doesn’t seem like the kind of person who cares about that sort of thing. So, the fact that he’s willing to say yes to star as one of the most famous comic book characters of all time should give fans hope.

The fact that Pattinson believes in Matt Reeves’ vision enough to agree to star as its lead should prove to fans that The Batman is a film worth being excited about.

Robert Pattinson in the Lost City of Z

In retrospect, there’s no one better for the role. All the other actors being mentioned were a bit too old, and a bit too well-known. Pattinson is young enough to be Batman for many years to come and is talented enough to do something genuinely interesting in the role.

I do feel bad for Ben Affleck as I did think he was also very well cast, but he had his own demons to deal with, and he wasn’t given enough to work with.

Matt Reeves has also shown with his Planet of the Apes movies what a skilled director he is, and everything points towards an incredible DC Comics movie.

What do you make of Robert Pattinson being cast a Batman? Let us know in the comments below.

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