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Robert Pattinson Serial Killer Film Scrapped By Netflix


In a surprising turn of events, Netflix has decided to scrap the much-anticipated serial killer dark comedy film starring Robert Pattinson. The project, titled Average Height, Average Build, was set to be a unique addition to both Pattinson’s filmography and Netflix’s array of original content. This decision marks a significant shift in the streaming giant’s strategy and raises questions about the future of similar daring projects.

The film, which was to be helmed by acclaimed writer and director Adam McKay, promised to blend dark comedy with the thriller genre. Pattinson, known for his transformative performances, was set to play a serial murderer, a role that fans and critics alike were eagerly awaiting.

The Project’s Vision


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The Unique Premise

Average Height, Average Build was not your typical serial killer movie. The plot revolved around a serial murderer, played by Pattinson, who hires a lobbyist to change the law in his favor, allowing him to kill without legal repercussions. This bold narrative was expected to offer a satirical look at the legal system and political lobbying, with a darkly comedic lens.

Star-Studded Cast

The film’s cast was another reason for the high anticipation. Alongside Pattinson, the movie was set to feature Amy Adams and Robert Downey Jr., both of whom bring their own star power and acting prowess. The combination of these A-list actors in such an unconventional story was a recipe for a potentially groundbreaking film.

The Cancellation


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Adam McKay’s Departure

The primary reason behind the cancellation of Average Height, Average Build is Adam McKay’s departure from the project. McKay, known for his work on films like The Big Short and Vice, has a knack for turning serious subjects into compelling dark comedies. His exit left a void that Netflix deemed too significant to fill, leading to the project’s ultimate demise.

Shift in Focus

Following his departure from the film, McKay has reportedly shifted his focus to a movie about climate change. This move aligns with his history of tackling critical and complex global issues through his unique directorial lens.

The Implications


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For Robert Pattinson

This cancellation is a setback for Robert Pattinson, who continues to seek diverse and challenging roles. Pattinson’s versatility, from the brooding vampire in Twilight to the gritty protagonist in The Batman, has made him a sought-after actor in Hollywood. This project was yet another opportunity for him to showcase his range.

For Netflix

For Netflix, the scrapping of Average Height, Average Build signals a cautious approach towards more experimental content. As the streaming wars intensify, Netflix’s decision-making in greenlighting projects will be closely watched, especially when it comes to unique and risky ventures.

Final Thoughts on this Robert Pattinson serial killer movie


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The cancellation of Average Height, Average Build is a reminder of the volatile nature of the film industry. Projects, no matter how promising, are subject to various factors that can lead to their untimely end. For fans of Pattinson and McKay, this news is undoubtedly disappointing, but it also piques curiosity about what both the actor and the director will take on next.

In the ever-evolving landscape of streaming content, Netflix’s decision to scrap this project may be seen as a loss of a potentially iconic film. However, it also opens the door for new opportunities and creative endeavours for all parties involved.

What do you make of this news? Were you looking forward to watching this serial killer movie on Netflix starring Mr. Pattinson?

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