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When Will Obliterated Season 2 Be Released On Netflix?


What’s going on with Obliterated Season 2 on Netflix…? The explosive finale of Obliterated Season 1 left fans eagerly awaiting news of a second season. This Netflix original series, known for its unique blend of action and comedy, has quickly become a fan favourite. As viewers speculate about the future of this high-octane show, questions about Obliterated Season 2 are at the forefront of every discussion. Will there be a second season, and if so, when can we expect it to hit our screens?

Since its premiere, Obliterated has captivated audiences with its thrilling plot and dynamic characters. The series follows an elite US special forces team tasked with neutralising a deadly threat in Las Vegas. However, the mission takes an unexpected turn, leading to a series of events filled with action, humour, and suspense. With such a gripping first season, it’s no wonder that fans are clamouring for more.

Obliterated Season 2 Release Date


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Current Status and Predictions

As of now, Netflix has not made any official announcements regarding the renewal of Obliterated for a second season. However, given the show’s popularity and cliffhanger ending, there is a strong possibility that a renewal announcement could be on the horizon. If the show follows a similar production schedule to other Netflix series, fans might expect Obliterated Season 2 to premiere sometime in mid to late 2024.

Factors Influencing the Release

The renewal and release date of Obliterated Season 2 will depend on various factors, including viewer ratings, production schedules, and the show’s overall performance on Netflix. The first season’s success in the top 10 rankings on the streaming platform bodes well for a potential second season.

Obliterated Season 2 Cast


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Potential Returning Cast Members

If Obliterated is renewed for a second season, fans can expect the return of key cast members. This includes Shelley Hennig as Ava Winters, Nick Zano as Chad McKnight, and other main characters who have become fan favourites. Their return would ensure continuity and further development of the storylines established in the first season.

New Additions and Casting News

While there is no official Obliterated Season 2 casting news yet, a new season could introduce fresh faces to the series. These new characters would add more depth to the plot and provide new dynamics for the existing cast to explore.

Obliterated Season 2 Plot and Theories


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Unravelling the Next Chapter

The plot for Obliterated Season 2 is shrouded in anticipation and speculation. After the high-octane events of the first season, fans are curious about what direction the show will take. One prevailing theory is that the second season could see the team dealing with the aftermath of their Las Vegas mission. This could involve untangling a web of conspiracies or facing new threats that emerge from the shadows of their previous success.

Exploring New Locations and Challenges

Another exciting prospect for Obliterated Season 2 is the potential shift to new, exotic locations. The creators have hinted at the possibility of setting the next season in party cities like Ibiza, Miami, Rio, or Cabo. This move would not only bring a fresh backdrop to the series but also introduce new cultural elements and challenges, adding a vibrant and international feel to the show.

Deepening Character Arcs

In terms of character development, Obliterated Season 2 could delve deeper into the personal lives and histories of the main characters. Fans are particularly interested in the hinted romance between Ava and Chad. Exploring their relationship could add a new dimension to the series, blending emotional depth with the show’s signature action and humour.

The Emergence of New Villains

A new season often brings new antagonists, and Obliterated is ripe for introducing formidable villains who could challenge the team in unexpected ways. These new characters could have personal ties to the team members or be part of a larger plot that the team must unravel.

Fan Theories and Speculations

Among fan theories, there’s speculation about a potential plot twist involving a mole within the team or a significant character facing betrayal. Such developments could add a layer of intrigue and suspense to the series. Additionally, fans are theorising about the potential for crossover elements from other popular shows created by the same team, adding an exciting dimension to the Obliterated universe.

Expanding the Show’s Scope

Finally, Obliterated Season 2 could expand the show’s scope by introducing new thematic elements. This could include tackling more complex moral dilemmas or exploring the psychological impact of the team’s high-stress lifestyle. Such themes would not only add depth to the narrative but also resonate with a broader audience.

Final Thoughts on Obliterated Season 2 on Netflix


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The anticipation surrounding Obliterated Season 2 reflects the significant impact the first season had on its audience. The unique blend of high-stakes action and comedy, set against the backdrop of Las Vegas, has set a high bar for the series. Fans are not just waiting for a continuation of the story; they are expecting a season that surpasses the first in terms of excitement, character development, and plot twists. The potential for Obliterated Season 2 to explore new locations and delve deeper into the characters’ backstories adds layers of intrigue and possibility to the series.

Moreover, the show’s ability to balance intense action sequences with comedic elements has created a distinct niche in the streaming world. This balance is something fans are looking forward to seeing more of in the second season. The chemistry among the cast members, combined with the show’s creative storytelling, has set the stage for a season that could potentially elevate the series to new heights. The prospect of new characters joining the ensemble, along with the development of existing relationships and dynamics, is something that could add further depth and richness to the narrative.

In essence, Obliterated has captured the imagination of its viewers, leaving them eager for more. The show’s renewal for a second season would not only satisfy the cliffhanger left by the first season but also offer an opportunity to expand the Obliterated universe. As fans eagerly await official news from Netflix, the speculation and excitement continue to build. Whether it’s exploring new global hotspots or tackling more complex missions, Obliterated Season 2 has the potential to be a thrilling continuation of a series that has already proven to be a hit with audiences worldwide.

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