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Obliterated Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Theories & Predictions


Obliterated, the high-octane Netflix series blending action and comedy, has left fans eagerly anticipating its second season. The show, which premiered its first season on November 30, 2023, follows an elite special forces team in Las Vegas as they grapple with a nuclear threat. With its unique mix of genres and a cliffhanger ending, viewers are keen to know what the future holds for this dynamic series. In this article, we delve into all the available information about Obliterated Season 2.

So, without any further ado, let’s go into everything we know about Obliterated Season 2 on Netflix and its potential release date.

Obliterated Season 2 Release Date


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Is There an Official Release Date Yet?

As of early December 2023, Netflix has not officially renewed Obliterated for a second season. The decision is likely pending, based on the audience’s response to the first season. However, the creators have expressed interest in continuing the series if there is a demand for it.

Speculations and Expectations

If Obliterated is greenlit for a second season, we wouldn’t expect it to air until at least mid to late 2024. This is an educated guess based on the typical production and post-production timelines for Netflix series.

Obliterated Season 2 Cast


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Returning Cast Members

Should Obliterated be greenlit for a second season, it’s likely that the central crew from Season 1 will return. This includes:

  • Shelley Hennig as Ava Winters
  • Nick Zano as Chad McKnight
  • Terrence Terrell as Trunk
  • Paola Lázaro as Angela Gomez
  • Kimi Rutledge as Maya Lerner
  • Eugene Kim as Paul Yung
  • C. Thomas Howell as Haggerty

Potential New Faces

With the show’s penchant for twists and turns, new characters are almost a given. Season 2 could introduce fresh faces, adding more depth and intrigue to the storyline.

Obliterated Season 2 Plot


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Continuing the Story

The first season ended with the team successfully neutralizing the threat and hinting at more adventures to come. A second season could explore the aftermath of their actions in Las Vegas and the personal dynamics between the characters.

New Locations and Challenges

The creators have hinted at the possibility of moving away from Las Vegas for future seasons. This opens up the narrative to a host of new locations and scenarios, potentially taking the team to other party cities around the world.

Theories and Predictions for Season 2


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Expanding the Universe

One prevailing theory among fans is that Obliterated Season 2 will expand its universe beyond the confines of Las Vegas. The creators’ interest in exploring new locations like Ibiza, Miami, or Rio suggests a global adventure. This shift could introduce international espionage elements, with the team tackling threats on a global scale. Each new location could bring its own unique challenges and cultural nuances, adding a fresh dynamic to the series.

Character Development and Backstories

Another popular prediction is a deeper dive into the backstories of key characters. Season 1 introduced us to a diverse and intriguing cast, but there’s still much to learn about their pasts. Fans speculate that Season 2 might explore the personal histories and motivations of characters like Ava Winters and Chad McKnight, providing a richer context to their actions and decisions.

New Team Dynamics

With the potential introduction of new characters, Obliterated Season 2 could see shifts in team dynamics. The addition of new personalities and skill sets might lead to interesting conflicts and alliances within the group, offering a fresh perspective on team interactions and strategies.

Escalation of Threats

Given the high-stakes nature of the show, it’s anticipated that Season 2 will escalate the level of threats the team faces. This could range from more sophisticated terrorist plots to complex international conspiracies, pushing the team to their limits both physically and mentally.

Exploring the Consequences of Actions

A significant theory revolves around the consequences of the team’s actions in Season 1. The aftermath of their mission in Las Vegas and how it impacts their personal and professional lives could be a central theme. This exploration could add a layer of realism and gravity to the show, balancing its comedic elements.

Romantic Subplots

The budding romance between Ava Winters and Chad McKnight is expected to be further developed in Season 2. Fans are curious to see how their relationship evolves amidst the chaos of their high-risk jobs. Additionally, new romantic subplots could be introduced, adding another layer of human interest to the action-packed series.

The Inclusion of Real-World Issues

Finally, Obliterated might incorporate real-world issues into its narrative. Tackling themes like global terrorism, political intrigue, and the impact of technology on espionage could make the show more relevant and thought-provoking.

In summary, Obliterated Season 2 holds immense potential for expanding its narrative scope, deepening character arcs, and exploring new thematic territories. Fans and critics alike are eagerly waiting to see how the show evolves, hoping for a blend of action, comedy, and depth that made the first season a standout.

Expert Predictions

Industry experts suggest that Obliterated might continue to blend action and comedy while exploring more complex themes. The potential for international settings could also introduce global issues and diverse cultural elements into the storyline.

Final Thoughts on Obliterated Season 2 on Netflix


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As the dust settles on the explosive finale of Obliterated Season 1, the anticipation for a second season grows. The show, with its unique blend of high-stakes action and irreverent comedy, has not just entertained but also carved out a niche for itself in the crowded landscape of streaming television. The potential for Obliterated Season 2 is vast, with numerous directions the show could take to elevate its thrilling narrative and deepen its character arcs.

The first season set a high bar, combining heart-pounding action sequences with moments of genuine humour and character development. A second season promises to build on this foundation, potentially taking the team to new global hotspots and introducing fresh challenges. The dynamic between the main characters, particularly the evolving relationship between Ava Winters and Chad McKnight, offers rich ground for further exploration. Their chemistry, along with the camaraderie of the entire team, provides a compelling reason to bring back this ensemble for more adventures.

Moreover, Obliterated has the opportunity to expand its thematic horizons. While the first season focused on the team’s mission in Las Vegas, a second season could delve into broader themes such as international espionage, global threats, and the personal toll of living a life on the edge. The show could also explore the psychological aspects of its characters, delving into their backstories and motivations, adding layers of depth to the high-octane action.

In essence, Obliterated Season 2 has the potential not just to continue the story but to enrich it, taking the series to new heights. Fans are eagerly awaiting news from Netflix, hoping for a renewal that will bring back their favourite characters for another round of exhilarating, laugh-out-loud escapades. Whether it’s navigating the neon-lit streets of Las Vegas or the exotic locales of the world’s party capitals, Obliterated is poised to return with a bang, promising more action, more laughs, and more heart.

What do you make of this feature? Are you hopeful that Netflix will green-light a second season of the new series Obliterated? Do you think we need a second season of this particular series?

You can stream the first season of Obliterated on Netflix right now.