Deadpool Creator Reveals The New Mutants’ Test Screenings Went Really Well

It’s been revealed by Deadpool’s creator, Rob Liefeld, that The New Mutants’ test screenings actually went really well, which might come as a surprise.

It was revealed the other week that The New Mutants had been made available to pre-order on Amazon.

This got many people thinking – myself included – that we might end up getting to purchase the film on-demand pretty soon.

However, there are a whole load of legal reasons which might prevent this from happening.

It was revealed that The New Mutants has to have a cinema release as per Fox and Disney’s deal.

This means that it won’t be turning up on Disney Plus any time soon.

However, Deadpool’s creator, Rob Liefeld recently sat down with to talk about all things comics and comic book movies.

This was when he revealed that he’d heard The New Mutants’ test screenings went really well.

Apparently The New Mutants’ test screenings went well

The New Mutants Coronavirus Disney Plus

Should The New Mutants be made available on Disney Plus? – Credit: Disney

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Here’s what Leifeld told about The New Mutants’ test screenings:

They were describing it to me, they said a couple of special effects weren’t done, but they loved it. Then it got taken off the schedule, and then Disney happened, but I hear it’s great.

Here’s the deal: do you really want to go back and sit in the theatre? I’m a giant movie nerd, and it’s gonna be a long time. I do not miss it… I’m not going to a theatre where you can sneeze on me. I think we’ve all gotten a little agoraphobic.

So, it sounds like The New Mutants is actually going to be quite good!

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to finally getting to watch The New Mutants?

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