Josh Trank Says Backlash Against Fantastic Four Was ‘Unfair’

Fantastic Four’s director, Josh Trank, has come out and said that the backlash against his movie was quite unfair, and I think he has a point.

Trank has been very vocal about his experience on his Fantastic Four movie.

Calling it “his Fantastic Four movie” might be pushing it slightly.

It does sound as if the movie we got wasn’t the movie he wanted to make.

When the movie was released in cinemas, Trank took to Twitter to claim that the movie being released wasn’t the film he had envisioned.

That caused a bit of a stir, and Trank’s now saying that he thinks the backlash against Fantastic Four was quite unfair.

Josh Trank didn’t think the Fantastic Four backlash was fair


Josh Trank directing Fantastic Four – Credit: 20th Century Fox

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Here’s what Trank said about the Fantastic Four backlash during his interview with ScreenRant:

There was a deep level of mis-characterization in the media about what was going on with the film. For me, it was unfair because the perception publicly was that there was one person responsible for this not going the way it should have gone, which is an easy thing to believe. I was communicating ideas that didn’t mesh well with everybody else’s. That’s not their fault and it’s not my fault. It was the wrong combination of people to get together and make something creative.

What do you make of this news?

Do you agree with Josh Trank that the backlash against Fantastic Four was unwarranted?

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