Richard Donner Is Directing Lethal Weapon 5 – But Is He The Right Person For The Job?

In a recent interview, 90-year-old filmmaker Richard Donner confirmed the production of the final entry in the Lethal Weapon series, Lethal Weapon 5. Made famous in the late 80’s-90’s with Mel Gibson and Danny “I’m too old for this sh–” Glover the films became huge favourites as an unlikely buddy cop duo.

The franchise also spawned a spin-off TV series recently starring Damon Wayans for 3 seasons. A return for the characters to the silver-screen has long been rumoured since 2007 where Warner Bros. Pictures was looking for a reboot or sequel.

Shane Black (Iron Man 3/Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) the original writer for Lethal Weapon 1 and 2 were rumoured to have a script and the director’s chair.

Years later momentum began again in 2017 when Gibson stated he thought a final film could happen and Donner himself revealed he’d had talks with Glover. We previously reported we have confirmation that the film is in active development and headed into production. Donner confirmed this “Is the final one… I promise you that!”

At 90 Donner will be one of the oldest directors ever, and will be joined by Clint Eastwood soon in the same club as he’s already directed Cry Macho. This might have some people wondering whether Donner himself is “too old for this sh–“. However, we think differently. As far as we here at Small Screen are concerned, we don’t believe that anyone else could make Lethal Weapon 5. In other words, no Donner, no movie.

Lethal Weapon 5 has Richard Donner and Mel Gibson on-board

Lethal Weapon 5 is happening

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Mel Gibson has called Richard Donner a “legend”, and rightfully so. According to Danny Glover, Donner has a strong script with hints of “relevance to some of the things happening today”. What will be interesting is can the camaraderie and chemistry between Glover 74, and Gibson 65 hold up in 2020?

Can the series bring the same success with action & comedy that made the initial series so successful to a new generation? We already seeing a huge rise in further films for 80’s classics, Top Gun: Maverick, Bill & Ted: Face The Music & soon to be shown on Amazon, Coming 2 America.

 Will Donner succeed where some have succeeded and others have failed? And is there an appetite for this 5th film in the series in 2021/2022? If Warner Brothers giving the development the green light would suggest, there is.

Are you excited by this news? Are you looking forward to a return to the old 80’s/90’s buddy cop action film genre, or is this too late in the day? Let us know in the comments below.

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