Revealed: The TV Stars You Can Find In Your Favourite Slots

Think “spin-offs of TV shows”, and what comes to mind? Movies, books, comics and video games, most probably. But what about online slots games? The fact is, plenty of the world’s favourite TV shows have been given the digital fruit machine (slots) treatment, complete with cameo appearances by the stars. Prepare to be surprised.


Playing the legendary Norse hero Ragnar Lothbrok made Vikings star Travis Fimmel into an instant telly icon. With his perfect beard, braided man bun and fashionably distressed threads, Travis/Ragnar always looked like he’d be just as home in a Brooklyn art collective as on a blood-soaked battlefield. These days, you’ll also find him on the Vikings slot game reels, alongside images of Katheryn Winnick’s Lagertha and other badass characters from the show. Factor in the game’s pounding soundtrack of war drums, and players are highly likely to go into full berserker mode whenever their paylines come up. 

Rick and Morty


Credit: Adult Swim

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Everyone’s favourite egomaniac scientist and his permanently terrified grandson are used to leaping between weird dimensions. So it’s fitting they also exist in the realm of slots.

Rick and Morty: Wubba Lubba Dub Dub is available at many of the UK’s most popular online casinos, and features not just Rick and Morty themselves, but also Mr Meeseeks and Pickle Rick. Who, if you didn’t know, is a monstrous mash-up of man and pickle. It’s fair to say that this is not your granddad’s pub fruit machine. 


Is it morally problematic to turn a gritty saga about one of the world’s most notorious drug lords into a fun little gambling game? Perhaps, but the Narcos slot certainly doesn’t shy away from the subject matter, with explosive cartel confrontations breaking out and bullets flying everywhere as you make the symbols spin. Of course, actor Wagner Moura’s frightening take on Pablo Escobar looms large over proceedings, smirking and scowling out from the reels.


Thundercats are loose in the world of slots, with Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro and the rest of the gang vividly depicted in the Thundercats: Reels of Thundera game. Let’s make no bones about it, this game is a full-on nostalgia trip for anyone old enough to remember the original Thundercats cartoon. There’s a bonus round actually called “Thundercats Hoooo! Free Spins”, for goodness sake. Oh, and we can confirm that Mumm-Ra is also here, and just as epically grumpy as ever.

Hell’s Kitchen

First, the bad news: there’s a serious lack of swearing in this brand new slots adaptation of Gordon Ramsay’s TV show. On the other hand, players will get to hear the Michelin-starred grumpy pants tell them to “get it together”, so that’s something. Amid the cartoonish imagery of scallops, burgers and beef wellingtons, Gordon’s own face can be seen spinning on the reels, looking strangely fresh-faced. Well, Hell’s Kitchen does date back to 2004, even if the game only came out this year. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation

We’re not sure whether Captain Jean-Luc Picard would have approved of the Star Trek: The Next Generation slots game. After all, he was never exactly a regular at Data’s poker nights. Still, he and the rest of the crew – including Ryker, Dr Crusher, Worf and Data himself – have all been beamed onto the reels, along with images of tricorders, phasers and more Starfleet insignias than you can shake a Klingon Bat’leth at. That’s a kind of sword, in case you’re wondering. 

Peaky Blinders


Credit: BBC

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It may sound as unlikely as, say, a slots version of Narcos. But Peaky Blinders has also been given the reel-based treatment, complete with a rogue’s gallery of stars. Cillian Murphy’s sultry-eyed Tommy Shelby and Helen McCrory’s Polly Gray are among the familiar faces which spin across the screen, while the game also does a good job of replicating the dingy atmosphere and clanging, ominous music of the acclaimed series. What the real “peaky blinders” of turn-of-the-century Birmingham would have made of it all is anyone’s guess…

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