Ray Fisher Reveals His Cyborg Character’s Been Removed From The Flash Film

Ray Fisher has revealed that his Cyborg character has been removed from the upcoming The Flash movie. He revealed this in a recent Twitter post, and he really doesn’t hold back in it.

This whole story’s been a bit of a crazy one. Ray Fisher has been sharing things on Twitter about his and other peoples experience on the Justice League movie. He most recently called out DC Films’ President, Walter Hamada. He’s claimed that Hamada’s been protecting his friend, Geoff Johns and is “the most dangerous kind of enabler”.

In this most recent post announcing that Warner Bros. Pictures has decided to remove his Cyborg character from The Flash movie, he calls Walter Hamada out yet again. Check out what Fisher had to say in the post below.

Ray Fisher’s Cyborg won’t be in The Flash movie and he calls out Walter Hamada yet again

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“I have received official confirmation that Warner Bros. Pictures has decided to remove me from the cast of The Flash,” Fisher wrote in his statement. He continued: “Despite the misconception, Cyborg’s involvement in The Flash was much more than a cameo – and while I do mourn the lost opportunity to bring Victor Stone back to the screen, bringing awareness to the actions of Walter Hamada will prove to be a much more important contribution to the world.”

Fisher also claimed Hamada deliberately tried to ‘undermine’ the investigation he initiated into the Justice League reshoots, in an effort to protect his friend Geoff Johns. Fisher also said that Hamada lied in his September 4 statement to The Wrap, in which he claimed that Fisher refused to meet with third-party investigators. Fisher said that was a lie.

What do you make of this news? Are you upset to hear that Cyborg will not be in The Flash movie, and are you at all worried about Ray Fisher’s career moving forward? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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