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A Prey Sequel Movie Is In The Works Over At Hulu


The cinematic world is buzzing with excitement as news circulates about a potential Prey sequel movie being in the works over at Hulu (via Production Weekly) – the standout addition to the Predator franchise. Released as a prequel to the iconic 1987 Predator film, Prey managed to captivate audiences and critics alike, offering a fresh and thrilling perspective to the well-established series.

The film, set in the Comanche Nation 300 years ago, follows the story of a young warrior named Naru, portrayed by the talented Amber Midthunder. Her stellar performance and the film’s unique take on the Predator lore have left fans yearning for more, and it seems like Hulu might just be ready to deliver.

The Success of Prey


Credit: Hulu

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Prey has been lauded for breathing new life into the Predator series, providing a raw and intense experience that stands tall among its predecessors. The film’s success is evident in its reception, with critics praising its innovative storytelling and Midthunder’s compelling performance. This success has not only revitalized interest in the Predator movies but has also set the stage for further exploration of this intriguing universe.

Amber Midthunder’s Breakthrough

Amber Midthunder’s portrayal of Naru has been a significant talking point, with many highlighting her role as a breakthrough in her career. Her character’s strength, resilience, and complexity have added depth to the Predator universe, making her an integral part of the film’s success. Midthunder’s performance has not only earned her critical acclaim but has also established her as a formidable presence in the industry.

The Potential of a Prey Sequel


Credit: Hulu

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With the success of Prey, talks of a sequel are inevitable, and fans are eager to see where the story could go next. The rich lore of the Predator universe provides ample material for exploration, and a sequel could delve deeper into the Predator’s origins, potentially bringing back fan-favourite characters and introducing new, thrilling elements to the story.

What Could a Sequel Entail?

The possibilities for another Prey movie are vast, with the potential to expand on the established lore and explore new facets of the Predator universe. Fans are excited about the prospect of diving deeper into the story, eager to see how the filmmakers could build upon the solid foundation laid by Prey.

The movie’s director, Dan Trachtenberg, had previously opened up about the possibility of a sequel. Here’s what he had to say on the matter during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

The nerd in me looked that far ahead, as far as he could look, before we started writing this movie, but the adult in me said, ‘Don’t count your chickens and just be careful. Try and make the best movie possible, straight away.’ End-credit sequence aside, there is something refreshing about seeing a movie that is not really intended to be just a part one to something else. There’s something nice about seeing a complete thought. On the complete other hand, I love that what would’ve been a post-credit scene in other movies, is an animated end-title sequence in our movie. Our end titles are still storytelling.

Amber Midthunder’s Thoughts on a Sequel


Credit: Hulu

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Amber Midthunder has expressed her excitement and willingness to participate in another Prey movie, stating that she loved the experience and would be happy to see where else the story could go. While she remained coy about any official details, her enthusiasm for the project is palpable, and her return would undoubtedly be a welcome sight for fans.

The Future of the Predator Franchise

The potential Prey 2 represents an exciting chapter in the Predator franchise, with the opportunity to continue the series’ legacy while introducing new, innovative elements to the story. The success of Prey has reinvigorated interest in the franchise, and a sequel could further cement its place in cinematic history.

Final Thoughts on this sequel to Prey


Credit: Hulu

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The buzz surrounding a potential sequel to Prey is a testament to the film’s impact and the enduring appeal of the Predator franchise. With a standout performance from Amber Midthunder and a fresh take on the series’ lore, Prey has set the stage for an exciting future, and fans are eagerly awaiting any news on what comes next.

As we look forward to the possibilities that a sequel could bring, one thing is certain: the Predator universe is alive and thriving, and there has never been a more exciting time to be a fan.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching another Prey movie?

You can stream the first Prey movie on Disney Plus in the United Kingdom and Hulu in the United States right now.